Dear readers,

Is it the Holiday newsletter already? Wow. What a fast and interesting year it’s been. Way back in January, Heart To Heart, my collaboration with the Dalai Lama, was published. And in April I had the opportunity to travel to Dharamshala, India, and present the book to His Holiness in person.

In September I became part of the Marvel Universe with the publication of The Super Hero’s Journey, my "collaboration” with comic book legends Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Steve Ditko.

And, on November 1, the Guard Dog story began in the MUTTS comic strip running in newspapers and on I’m so appreciative and moved by your responses to Guard Dog and Doozy’s journey. Thanks for all your support. I have a lot more to say about that, so will be writing a separate letter about Guard Dog and will be sending it out soon.

While I was completing the art for the Guard Dog and holiday strips, the 2023 leg of my tour for The Super Hero’s Journey was also wrapping up. It was fun to again travel to speak about a new book and meet so many MUTTS readers who could relate to the book’s themes: growing up reading Marvel super hero comics and the inspiration and impact of art. This tour took me to NYC, Baltimore, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and Miami.

This weekend, on Saturday, December 2, I’ll be in conversation with Robt Martin Seda-Schreiber at the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice in Princeton, NJ. He’s an insightful interviewer and I’m looking forward to it.

And on the following Saturday (December 9), there will be a reception for a print exhibit of my environmentally themed MUTTS comic strips in Princeton at D&R Greenway’s Johnson Education Center.

Then I’ll be home catching up and decorating the tree. 

Wishing you and your loved ones the merriest of holidays. Let’s look forward to an even better 2024.



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Comments (64)

TODAY is a Great Day! (…said with a sigh of relief and plenty of tears…) “Take him. He’s now your dog.” THANK YOU!!!

Monica Skaggs

I, like most of the people on this thread have been praying for Guard Dogs freedom for a long time. The last couple of weeks have been difficult waiting to see the final outcome. I am happy for his soon to be freedom and also hopeful he will go to live with Doozy and her family while also being able to run free with Mooch and Earl on their daily excursions. Kudos to Patrick for making this comic strip come alive for so many people and for hopefully opening some eyes for others. I have been animal advocate for years and am so happy to see and hear from so many others on this thread. Can’t wait to see Guard Dog run free!

Carla Richardson

I was getting up at 5 am each morning to check on Guard Dog. I’m so glad that he was released from his chain and taken to a clinic by Ozzie. I really hope that Doozy and her mom can adopt him. I think that they would be so good for him. I tried to explain this situation to my husband but he doesn’t get it. I guess that’s why I like animals more than humans. Animals accept you for what you are. They don’t try and change you. Guard Dog, I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your life with Doozy and her mom.

Kathleen Barnett

I’m so glad Earl’s Ozzie has stepped in for Guard Dog and cut that infernal chain! I hope Guard Dog recovers well and quickly, that when he opens his eyes he will see the faces of a caring vet and the friends who have loved him all along. I’d love it if he finds his furever home with his Doozy. And I’m looking forward so much to him getting a fine name other than Guard Dog! I wonder what Doozy would name him … Thank you for freeing him at LONG last.

Lisa Johnson

I have been a Mutts fan since I first read the strip. I’ve sent a few desperate emails to the staff, asking Patrick to please free Guard Dog from that awful chain. I was delighted to see his story being told, and now the possibility of him being free is such a wonderful thought. I am hoping and praying that Doozy’s family will adopt Guard Dog so he can have a life of freedom and love with the little girl who loves him so much.

Thanks Patrick!

Soozi Urang

I was so scared too waiting everyday for a new Guard dog fact, and I am still scared, I hope and pray he will be free and happy, I am waiting anxiously to see him with his new family!!

MARICLA ussino

Guard Dog being freed was the early Christmas present I’ve wanted since I first saw him in Mutts back in 1995. I hope he has a speedy recovery and lives happily ever after with Doozy and all his friends. Hopefully, you’ll keep featuring him in the strip. 💙🐾🐾💜🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀


Oh Patrick, I have gotten wrapped up in Guard Dog’s story as so many others have. I can get quite emotional, and I have cried every day over his being tied up and neglected, and even more so after being abandoned. I am very happy to know that he will be cared for and loved by Doozy, and I hope that you write a strip about his “owner” being punished for his terrible neglect and lack of concern. People, yes, especially children, should learn that there are consequences for such heartless and cruel actions. Looking forward to your upcoming strips

Donna Snyder Donna Snyder

I am and always been touched by Guard Dog’s plight. Though this a comic strip, I watch with joy, anticipation and maybe a little tear that Guard Dog will soon be free. I too have a freed guard dog: a friend told me of a dog who was being neglected by young person with a drug problem. She was often not being fed and was left to roam the high desert in the cold of winter. My friend told me, that if I did not take her in she was going to the pound, thus leaving me no choice but to have her come live with me. As I read about guard dog’s journey, I look over at my “rescued” dog curled up on the couch or playing with my two golden retrievers and know for once, at least, a good thing has happened. My rescue girl is living her best life as I hope, soon, Guard Dog will living with Doozy.


Please let Guard Dog have his happy ever after life. He certainly deserves it. We fans need a tee shirt or a cap with just Guard Dog …something we can Honor him with. Also keep him active in the strip as he is a member of the family now more than ever.

Phyllis Wagner