Hello friends,

Welcome to 2021! Hopefully, we will soon be putting COVID-19 behind us and getting things back to normal. This year, many MUTTS events that were canceled in 2020 should be back on the schedule. I can’t wait for us all to gather again!

A few years back, animal activist friends artist Patricia Denys and Mary Holmes launched Animal Culture Magazine. This month’s cover story is MUTTS! I am grateful for their dedication to animals and happy for their including MUTTS (and me) in the issue. You can read their entire piece on MUTTS.com — but better yet would be to subscribe and support their work via Patreon to stay up to date with their important venture.

If you are interested in learning more about my comic book influences in the MUTTS Sunday page title panels, award-winning author and editor Jon B. Cooke has a fun overview in Comics Creator. He has kindly provided a sample of that article here.

Many of you may know that George Herriman’s Krazy Kat was a big influence on my art. Earlier this week Bill Cox hosted a panel with me and some of my favorite people, Herriman scholars Michael Tisserand, Glen David Gold, and Rob Stolzer, to talk about that masterpiece of comic art. The talk was recorded for anyone who would like to take a deep dive into Krazy Kat.

I’m pleased to announce that a new MUTTS book will be available in time for Earth Day. It’s called MUTTS Go Green and is centered on the environment and what we can do to help. While the primary audience is for the younger crowd, anyone who likes MUTTS and cares for the earth and animals will enjoy the book. More on this soon!

And, in “Major” news, this Sunday the Delaware Humane Association will be hosting a fundraiser, InDoguration, to celebrate German Shepherd Major Biden. Major was adopted from DHA back in 2018. He will be the first adopted dog in the White House. That’s something we can all smile about.



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I’m so glad that President and Dr. Biden adopted a dog from a pound.. This shows their humanity!

Kathleen Barnett