In doing MUTTS, I’ve had the opportunity to meet incredible people. In this letter I’d like to let you know about some friends who are doing great things for all beings and having a positive impact in this world.

Several years ago I had the unique honor and pleasure to be filmed by Steven Latham and Conrad Stanley for the PBS Series Shelter Me. I visited the Animal Care Centers of NYC and created MUTTS strips based on my experience. Recently Steven and Conrad created a powerful feature length documentary The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses. It’s informative and motivating, and it should win an Oscar for the best documentary of 2021. You can learn how to access the full movie here. You won’t be disappointed and may well want to get involved. I recommend you do.

Other friends making the world a better place for animals: Jim Nelson and Renee Agredano, the founders and driving force behind Tripawds (a non-profit dedicated to helping animal amputees) have plans to help three-legged animals in the shelter system. They are launching this new program for the first annual Tripawd Awareness Day on March 3. We have already told them that we would love to help spread the word.

Last week I read my fellow cartoonist Cathy Guisewite’s new book Scenes from Isolation. It’s based on her Cathy comic strip character living during these pandemic times. It’s relatable, funny and lets you know you are not alone.

Speaking of books, friends Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell have released a revised 20th anniversary edition of Loving What Is: Four Questions that Can Change Your Life. It’s an illuminating way to investigate how you see the world and has been inspirational to me.

On a more personal note, my children’s book, The Monsters’ Monster was just included in Reader’s Digest’s list of the best children’s books ever written. It’s a honor to be included and makes me think I’m long overdue in creating a new picture book.

Back to the drawing board,

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FREE GUARD DOG PLEASE! Let some family with kids rescue him. Leroy him be a voice for the abused

Frank T

I love you Patrick for Mutts. xoxo :-)

Josee Lavigne

Please unchain Guard Dog soon. I think about how happy he’ll be free and hopefully his chainers will be punished. Mutts comics are one of the few things in life that can still help pull me out of my blue spells and funks.

AA Gallop (-Carson)

Thank you for telling us about Tripawds!

Kate Karp

Exactly, Sharon. Mutts: Love it, love it, love it!

Ann M Storms

It is obvious that Woofie is a golden retrever – one of the friendliest and most intelligent dogs. I wuv Woofie.

Grace Hampton

When will Guard Dog be unchained? I thought you had said in 2021

We enjoy mutts. A very special treat every day

WEndy BUrns

It’s wonderful to hear that The Monster’s Monster received such recognition. All of the characters that you create bring so much joy to our family. We have your Shelter Me episode is saved in our DVR list. Also, thank you for sharing the link to the documentary about Mustangs. I follow the American Wild Horse Campaign on social media and will need to watch the documentary with my family.

Linda E Malin

Love it, love it, love it. Mutts brings a lot of joy and a smile to everyone.

Sharon Smithline

Yes free Guad Dog, but I think it would be best if it done by the laws.