Hi folks,

Last month I spoke at and attended the National Cartoonists Society’s NCS Fest in Huntington Beach, where I had a great time meeting MUTTS readers, animal lovers, and fellow comics enthusiasts. I was also part of a panel discussing my favorite classic comic strip, Krazy Kat. Thank you to everyone who made the trip out to attend the festival, which looks like it may became an annual event.

Like Mooch, I’ve been dreaming of Africa, and will be spending some time there this summer (where it will be winter). I’ll be bringing my sketchbook as I’m sure this adventure will inspire many MUTTS strips. I’m looking forward to sharing artwork and photos upon return.

Lastly, I’d like to give you another sneak peek from my forthcoming MUTTS anniversary book The Art of Nothing, which will be published this fall. In addition to looking back on MUTTS’ 25-year history in newspapers, the book also features a lot of artwork I’ve created for other media, such as books and magazines.

Sweden was one of the first countries to embrace MUTTS, and Serieparaden magazine published the MUTTS strip almost right from the start. Shown below is an exclusive poster and part of a comic book insert created for the publication. In The Art of Nothing these images will be reprinted with an English translation for the first time.

MUTTS insert for Serieparaden comic magazine
Serieparaden poster. Pen, ink, and watercolor, circa 1995


MUTTS comic pages for Serieparaden comic magazine
Comic book insert for Serieparaden. Original art. Pen, ink, watercolor, and white paint, 1996

Do you have any animal-related activities or vacations planned for the coming months? I’d love to hear how you’ll be spending the season.


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My daughter and I went to Africa last August for my 55th birthday. We spent our time at the Mahali Mzuri safari camp. It was an amazing, unforgettable experience. Hope your trip is just as amazing. Safe travels!


We are taking our Chiweenie to Ashville, NC in July for 8 days to do all sorts of fun doggie related activities there since they are a very dog friendly city. We’ve got some hiking and canoeing planned as well as visits to dog friendly restaurants and hike to a waterfall in Little Switzerland, NC. He even has a Facebook page of his adventures: https://www.facebook.com/lummy.lumsam


My family loves the Mutts Comic Strip and we read them every day. We have 3 special needs dogs and appreciate the appearance of special needs dogs in your comic strips. We cannot travel much because of them, so we look forward to hearing about your experience in Africa and living vicariously through you!


It’s funny … I’m not one to read the comics but I always read MUTTS everyday😃😃😃


I’m going to the beach to dog sit for friends. They’re happy to go away so I can enjoy the condo and the dogs.

Laura Russell

Hi Patrick, I really enjoy your work. Keep going! Rob Eckstein (from SI).

Rob Eckstein

Love what you do-the gift of a smile every day and putting things in perspective. Thanks

Leslie Driscoll Nadeau

I vacationed in New Zealand over the winter holidays. Such a beautiful country with kind and gentle people. They were sympathetic to my family because of the Woolsey and Hill Fires as well as the Borderline Grill shooting that occurred in our town. After the shooting in Christchurch, I reached out to one of our hosts to give sympathy to them. Next week I am going to Lee Vining for the Mono Basin Bird Chautauqua for my birthday. So many beautiful places around the world and in California.

Kathy Jonokuchi

My husband and I are on a 1 year vacation around the USA. Our lovely girl Miss Red Velvet is joining us. She has a sad back story but her life now is aces. She and her 3 litter mates contracted parvo. Their owners gave them to a private shelter. The shelter fostered each pup to a foster home. 3 of 4 pups survived! A long year went by before anyone wanted to give Red Velvet, Black Velvet, or Black Berry a home. We adopted Miss Red Velvet at 16 months old last June. Both litter mates were adopted within 30 days. Miss Red is very much a lovely young girl of 27 months now. She has made our lives complete again. She loves adults, kids, and other dogs equally. Our love for her is boundless. Hope you have a great trip overseas.

Your work makes my heart glow every day.

Susan Hall

As a lover of all animals everywhere and catmom, I so enjoy reading Mutts! Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for animals all over the world!

Barbara Timko