Hi folks,

Last month I spoke at and attended the National Cartoonists Society’s NCS Fest in Huntington Beach, where I had a great time meeting MUTTS readers, animal lovers, and fellow comics enthusiasts. I was also part of a panel discussing my favorite classic comic strip, Krazy Kat. Thank you to everyone who made the trip out to attend the festival, which looks like it may became an annual event.

Like Mooch, I’ve been dreaming of Africa, and will be spending some time there this summer (where it will be winter). I’ll be bringing my sketchbook as I’m sure this adventure will inspire many MUTTS strips. I’m looking forward to sharing artwork and photos upon return.

Lastly, I’d like to give you another sneak peek from my forthcoming MUTTS anniversary book The Art of Nothing, which will be published this fall. In addition to looking back on MUTTS’ 25-year history in newspapers, the book also features a lot of artwork I’ve created for other media, such as books and magazines.

Sweden was one of the first countries to embrace MUTTS, and Serieparaden magazine published the MUTTS strip almost right from the start. Shown below is an exclusive poster and part of a comic book insert created for the publication. In The Art of Nothing these images will be reprinted with an English translation for the first time.

MUTTS insert for Serieparaden comic magazine
Serieparaden poster. Pen, ink, and watercolor, circa 1995


MUTTS comic pages for Serieparaden comic magazine
Comic book insert for Serieparaden. Original art. Pen, ink, watercolor, and white paint, 1996

Do you have any animal-related activities or vacations planned for the coming months? I’d love to hear how you’ll be spending the season.


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I have trouble getting around, so it will be a quiet summer with Lucy the Lump, my 13 yr old calico. Lump refers to her ability to ooze her body into large shapes when laying down, and become a regular, fairly active cat when up. I am anxiously awaiting to find out what you will see and take inspiration from in Africa. The wildlife there is amazing! Mutts gives me joy as I eat my breakfast, reading the Mutts email.

Kristin Lundgren

Absolutely adore every comic you create!!!!

Mary A. Trojanowski

Patrick – I am a huge fan. My boy Chester just turned 16. He’s the light of my life. Finances prevent us from taking a “proper” vacation but we do live at the beach so he enjoys that ( and barking at everyone!) Thank you so much for Mutts- its inspirational and the first thing I read every morning!

Mark Womack

Went twice to South Africa to work at schools in the black communities and had also time to visit the wildpark! Best experience of my life. The nature and the animals are so beautiful!
Every morning I read the Mutts email and it makes my day start with a smile! Hope that 1 day you will visit the Netherlands, specifically Amsterdam and that there will be a possibility to meet!
Enjoy your Africa trip!


I’m a Boston Terrier person, have been for many years, and like to enter my dogs in local shows. It’s really a socializing hobby. Meeting new dog people & discussing every aspect of “the dog”. I know you love Mutts — not just in your comics! — and so do I. I’m a regular contributor to the ASPCA and to local shelters.
Cats are not really my thing, but I love your cat cartoons.

Ellen Kennedy

Our three kitties (one named Mooch, by the way) are of the age that we can’t leave them for very long.

Fred Merriam

I’m one of those crazy cat ladies you’ve heard tell of. Yes, I’m crazy….to do the rescue work daily that my 77 year old life is devoted to. …& to work 7 days a week to earn the money necessary to help the helpless creatures. Primarily in the underserved areas most people avoid. I TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) ferals in many towns….& feed/water/monitor daily….regardless of weather or health. MUTTS uplifts my spirits & give me HOPE. Your work brings a smile to my face & warms my heart. So many sad situations…but then there are Lights like yourself on the planet who help the journey! Very much love from Nancy / Cat Assistance Network,Inc.

Nancy Barr-Brandon - on Facebook as me & on GoFundMe as Cat Assistance Network

The first thing I do every day is read Mutts. It gets me started with a smile. You reall “GET” my dogs. So many of your comics are those two on a page.

Sue Coyne

I look forward to reading Mutts each day…the cartoon is wonderful!


Every morning I smile even before I open your daily email. Beside the awesome comic, I always stair for awhile at the puppy tail wagging in the chair as MR peeks around the door- they dream into each other’s eyes. LOVE!!! Nina

Nina Faulkner