Hey everyone,

As promised, this newsletter contains another sneak peek at my forthcoming MUTTS 25th anniversary book The Art of Nothing, which will be published by Abrams this fall.

Today I am sharing several of our early, previous cover ideas. There are a lot of factors as to what makes a good cover, and it’s always fun playing around with different concepts. What do you think?

MUTTS Anniversary Book Cover 1

MUTTS Anniversary Book Cover 2

MUTTS Anniversary Book Cover 3

MUTTS Anniversary Book Cover 4

MUTTS Anniversary Book Cover 5

In other news, this month I will be attending the National Cartoonists Society’s NCS Fest in Huntington Beach, California. For the first time, it’s open to the public. The three-day event, held May 17-19, is a celebration of comics and cartoon art from all over the world!

On Friday, May 17, I’ll be speaking on a panel titled “The Art of George Herriman’s Krazy Kat.” Then on Saturday, May 18, I’ll give a presentation about MUTTS in two separate sessions. You can see my full NCS Fest schedule here — or purchase your passes at the NCS Fest Tickets page.

Last week, on April 27, I had the pleasure of presenting an event titled “A Celebration of Companion Animals,” hosted by the Princeton Public Library in Princeton, New Jersey. I invited Heather Achenbach from SAVE Animal Shelter and Brian Hackett, the N.J. State Director for The Humane Society of the United States, to speak during my talk. It was a treat, as always, to speak with other animal lovers about the bonds we share with our furry friends. Plus, three pets were adopted on the spot. It was a wonderful event and we will share more about it on our blog.

In New Jersey we are blessed with four distinct seasons and I’m enjoying the return of our feathered friends.


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You are one busy man! Thanks for all you do, and the donation of a signed print which was a huge hit at my recent fundraiser for The Oshkosh Area Humane Society in Oshkosh, WI. (www.oahs.org) You are the best! Nikki Hronis

Nikki Hronis

I really do like the first one – I like the way the conversation leads to the title of the book. I look forward to adding this new book to my collection.


I like the third one. Also, I can’t believe I’ve been waiting months for 25 years!


Mooch under the covers is my favorite.

Janelle A LaFond

Hi – I am ur biggest fan in Austria – always sad that i never can attend any of ur events cause just too far away :( But always reading with so much pleasure the daily Mutts and stocking up on ur books :)) Will deff purchase the new one and would love to see the first idea of Mooch in bed put onto the cover of the anniversary book.
Love u much Love u Mooch , always urs Beate

Beate Friesacher

Patrick, I feel that the “Art of Nothing” is an absolutely WRONG way of considering 25 years of your work.
It is “Not Nothing”. Which means it is “something”! Sure, I am a "fan"atic about Mooch and Earl and the causes you support.
But those of us who love what you do and the message you give want to “celebrate” not “minimize” what you have accomplished.
Yours truly,
Jim McConnell (yes, for 25 years!)


Please continue to do your wonderful work of encouraging animal rescues, shelter adoptions & wildlife conservation! You are a voice for all God’s creatures!

Kristine Schmidt

Hands down the cover with Mooch and Mutts is my favorite.


You asked about covers. I like the one at the top the best. Color draws me in, as well as some simplicity. But it varies depending in the type of book. In cozy mysteries, I like the ones with cute shop interiors and furry friends, as pets are now almost de rigueur for cozies. Romances, I like simple artwork of the main character(s) or interior scenes. Thrillers are more simple and graphic. and yours, well I’d pick it up regardless, but a simple message is all that’s needed, and I don’t want to spend too much time reading the front. I want the meat of it. Your beloved fur friends.

Kristin Lundgren

I love everything about Mutts and I am glad I don’t have to decide which will be the book cover. Please just keep up,the good works.

Cindy Liming