I’d like to express my gratitude for the overwhelming support I’ve received since releasing The Art of Nothing, my MUTTS 25th anniversary book published through Abrams. I’m also deeply appreciative to all those who’ve taken time to send in their favorite memories of MUTTS from the past 25 years. Reading your heartfelt messages has been a real treat, and I can’t thank you enough.

If you’re interested in attending one of my upcoming events (and fetching a copy of The Art of Nothing in person), please check out this list of dates, which we will continue updating regularly as new events are confirmed.

Lastly, I’d like to share with you a video interview created by King Features, and conducted by my friend and editor at Abrams, Charlie Kochman. In it you’ll learn additional details about my new book, my artistic process, and more. I hope you enjoy it.

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I have had many dogs and all have been adopted from a shelter, except one. Mutts touches my heart and when I see the Shelter Stories, I want to adopt them all because that is how good you are at making us feel their reality. Thank you for your gift and for giving back. Merry Christmas!

Debi Sanders

Sir, Mr McDonnell, Thank you for your sweet sensitivity.
Mutts is a must as I read the comics. Now that I have my Honey Bear I
tŕuly appreciate Mutts even more.

Idaa Dohoney