Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. I love the colorful, changing leaves, the crisp air, and anything pumpkin.

This fall is particularly special as I am celebrating the silver anniversary of MUTTS with the release of a special new book, The Art of Nothing, which comes out this month and is available now for pre-order at the MUTTS Shop. And as you may know, I will be signing and doing a small sketch in each copy of the book ordered at (through the end of 2019).

This month, I’d like to share with you a brief excerpt from the book’s preface:

With a silver anniversary collection of a daily comic strip, there’s about 10,000 pieces of art to look at. Reviewing these was akin to going through a family album. I’ve spent a lot of quality time with Earl, Mooch, Ozzie, Frank, Millie, Guard Dog, Woofie, Shtinky, Crabby, and the rest of my Mutts gang. They are all a part of me. Ultimately, I chose the art that just intuitively felt right.

Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz said, “A cartoonist is someone who has to draw the same thing day after day without repeating himself.” All daily cartoonists rely on variations of themes, and this book is loosely arranged using them. Since I try to see the world through the eyes of animals, most Mutts themes are quite basic: cats, dogs, rain, snow, the moon, the ocean and what all animals (including us) want: food, naps, and love. And, because all art is personal, other themes explore the language of comics, the high art/low art discourse, the human-animal bond, animal rights, and spirituality.

I’ve said it before, but I have truly enjoyed compiling this anthology of memories and am looking forward to sharing them with all of you, whether you’ve just discovered MUTTS or you’ve been with Mooch and Earl from the very beginning. 

Let me know what you think!

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YEsh! Can’t wait to see early Mooch!

Kate K

I had the truly wonderful experience to meet you Patrick when you were in Columbus, Ohio attending the Cartoon Crossroads event. When we were chatting as you were signing my books, I became that “little kid” with some many questions to ask but totally forgot them when the opportunity presented itself. I truly don’t have the words to say on what your strips mean to me. They range from thought provoking to just funny. I’ve grown up with dogs and cats. Now, my children have their pets. We are huge advocates for rescue dogs. At one point we had four dogs and four cats, not to mention a menagerie of other “pets”. I’ve been a MUTTS follower for about a year now and it brings me such happiness. Now set up to receive my daily dose of MUTTS via my IN BOX at work. You have such a gift Patrick. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I hope our paths cross again.

Daryl Wilber

I love Mutts and Patrick McDonnell. I especially love the cartoons with cats, dogs, ducks, crabs, and other animals in them. I really especially love the cartoons about rescue animals, animals in shelters, and animals celebrating their new homes. I have worked in rescue for years, with cats in particular, but with all animals, as far as my budget would allow. Mutts is timely, it makes me cry, and laugh, and think. I get the daily Mutts email and never miss reading it. Oh, bless you all for what you do to ease the pain of the world and of life…thank you.

Allie Werhan

We have had dogs and cats for over 30 years. We have laughed when they were young, worked to train them, enjoyed watching their reactions to food, smiled as they napped, and cried deeply when they passed on. You capture the essence of pets and owning pets – please keep it up and don’t change! We love all the characters and their friends whether in their neighborhood or at the beach!


My brother told me there was a comic strip with a cat named Mooch. I had to check it out since I had a very special cat named Mooch. I’ve been a faithful reader ever since. It’s my daily meditation and always makes me smile especially when I’m feeling gloomy.

Kathleen Otis

I’ve been reading Mutts for years. They helped me a lot when I had to send my Grady over the Rainbow Bridge in May. Looking forward to “The Art of Nothing”😊🐶😸

Stephen Lurie

Man, I can’t wait to enjoy this book! I’ve been a Mutts fan from the very first strip and, as you said, this will be like going through a family photograph album. As a veterinarian, my job brings me much joy and sadness but I always gain perspective when my day starts with one of your new comic strips. Really, I can not wait!

mark daymon cotnam

I was forced to move from my beloved Jersey shore to upstate NY. Keansburg NJ started to frown on 26 rescues. Go figure. But in a place of honor I still have my Jersey “Mutts” license plates, the fees of which helped pay for low cost spaying and neutering.

We’re down to 8 pets now, doable in Jersey but even Asbury is out of range $ now. I’m 4 hours and my lifesblood away from the beach now. It breaks my heart when Earl and Mooch take their beach vacations. Kiss Crabby for me. 💔💔💔💝💝💝💝 I couldn’t live without your crew. 🐾🐢🦀
Can’t wait for the book!

Maureen Fudger

Patrick, thank you for making the world a better place.

LB Stanley

MUTTS makes me smile. 🐾

Sandra Plonka