Hi Friends,

The summer seems to be over since September is off to a busy start. On Saturday, I will be participating in two virtual events that are free and should be fun.

For the first time, the National Cartoonists Society is opening its Reuben Awards to the public. It’s a free all-day event, starting at 10AM EDT this Saturday (September 12)! My conversation with comic strip legend Lynn Johnston of For Better Or For Worse will begin around 3:45PM EDT. We will be talking about the 25th Anniversary of MUTTS, the process of cartooning, and our common friendship with Charles Schulz. Check out the schedule to watch it all, or sign up to be notified when a specific event begins.

Next, the Princeton Public Library is having its annual Children’s Book Festival online also this Saturday from 11AM to 5PM EDT. I will be part of a fun panel beginning at 11AM EDT. The complete schedule is available now. Come watch, and participate, live!

Lastly, Heritage Auctions has the MUTTS’ essential workers’ strip live on their site, with 100% of the auction’s proceeds going to Stray Cat Alliance. This is a unique chance to own a one-of-a-kind unpublished MUTTS original and simultaneously support a great cause. The auction takes place on Friday, September 11. You can sign up to bid now and/or be notified when the live portion of the auction begins for this MUTTS original.

Also, as promised, I’m announcing the people who created the ideas I’ve chosen for my next Shelter Stories, which will appear starting November 4, 2020. The chosen few are Margaret Donnelly, Scott Pensak, Jonathan Guzzo, and Sabine Richter. Thanks to everyone for your submissions!

Before I let you go, here’s a sneak peek of the new book I am working on. It won’t be out until next April, but since the publisher has sent the cover to Amazon, I thought we should give you an early look. It’s called MUTTS Go Green: Earth-Friendly Tips and Comic Strips.

Need some ideas to help the planet? Jane Goodall has joined the effort to plant one trillion trees by 2030 and has committed to having five million trees planted this year. See how you can find a home for more trees in your town and get your community involved!

Sending all my best,


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I love mutts

Dorothy Cottrell

I just want to say how much I enjoy the strip – thank you Patrick!

Pam Reight

You should design a new tee shirt with Mooch on the back of his chair saying, " I could use a cup of Coffee!"

meg schaefer

Always great to hear what you have going on Patrick! The Mutts Gang is something I begin each and every day with. The Sun doesn’t seem to shine as brightly without word from Mooch, Earl or anyone from the Gang… thank you for all your endeavors in creating characters that seem to really touch people’s hearts! This community is quite something. Looking forward to your conversations this weekend talking about another beloved cartoonist, Charles Shultz and the Peanuts Gang… how I loved his strip each day as well. I read his comic books to my beloved nephew some 50 yrs ago and got him hooked on everything Peanuts!… thank you again!…♥️🐾♥️🐾♥️☮️🙏🏻✨


Free Guard Dog!!!

How about tips for evacuating fires with our furry family members!

Gloria Nieto

Never too much Mutt’s.

Adrienne I. Possenti

I’ve always enjoyed the Mutts comic strip. I found it heart warming. I guess when my boys were growing up, we had two dogs who always came to me. Never had cats. That’s when this “softie” came to be. Being 89 years old, I opted to avoid the responsibilty of owning an animal, but I’ve found them to be very expressive and loving.
I have followed Jane Goodall’s experiences since she started out. I was always drawn to her interaction with animals in the wild.

Joan Payne

I never receive the comic strip

Alana Breowning

I cannot thank you enough for the way you brighten my day everyday! These lovable characters feel like a part of my ‘family’ now and I look forward to their antics and wisdom each morning! I have lots of Mutts merchandise and it speaks to me also……much gratitude to all involved in this special comic strip!


Dear Patrick, Thank you so much for featuring a mini Black Panther in your post honouring Chadwick Boseman. I always remind my Livia (a rescued all-black stray, now my closest friend (she is purring and leaning on me as write) that Black Lives Matter, whether human or feline. Obviously the type of mistreatment was very different, but both enslaved Black humans and black cats tortured and murdered by superstitious idiots were treated horrifically, in different ways. While actual slavery has been abolished in many countries (alas not all…) and cat-killing sprees are less common, there is still far too much discrimination and cruelty in the world.

Lynn Johnson also wrote about racism and discrimination, in particular towards Indigenous Canadian people. Hope you have a good meet-up and I remember her large and friendly dog!

Maria (human) and Livia (cat) in Montréal

Lagatta de Montréal