Hi friends,

Once upon a time, MUTTS pajamas were available for purchase at certain retail stores, and they were a hit! (Perhaps you’re among the few who still have a beloved, well-worn pair tucked away in your PJ drawer 😉.) Unfortunately, those original pajamas sold out long ago — we do mean long ago — and ever since, we’ve received messages from readers asking us to make more.

Today, we are over the moon to let you know … new MUTTS pajama pants have just arrived!

We’ve taken all of your requests to heart, and we’ve been working diligently to create styles that are attractive, earth-friendly, and — of course — comfortable! The final products, made from 95% bamboo and 5% spandex, come in two styles and feature stretch waistbands with satin-tie drawstrings. And rest assured, the lightweight and ultra-comfortable fabric (which feels like vegan silk) will allow you to lounge in heavenly luxury.

Interested in purchasing a coordinating set? You’re in luck. Each pant is designed to pair with an existing MUTTS tee. Take a peek!

In other community news, we’ve been following your comments on our Facebook and Instagram pages and are so moved that you continue to share your messages with us — not only about products, but also about your furry friends, your animal welfare volunteer work, and much more. Below are a few recent comments about helping animals that we just had to share:

“As a veterinarian who has worked in the animal welfare industry for 19 years now, what I wish people knew is that shelters are not sad, depressing places. They are full of hope and joy and love. I believe MUTTS helps to share that message with the public.” — Debbie J.

“If you can’t adopt right now, please consider fostering! One of the biggest rescue obstacles is a lack of fosters. It’s not a long-term commitment — our last foster pup, Athena, was only with us three days before being adopted. It was like we got a little puppy vacation!” — Russ S.

“As a feline team volunteer at North Shore Animal League America since 2016, I find my volunteer work truly rewarding and fulfilling. It is without a doubt one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself, my spirit, and my soul. It is time well spent and allows me to humbly offer my best in the form of compassion, commitment, and love to all the beautiful animals. NSALA, whose mission is to Rescue, Nurture, Adopt, and Educate, is my happy place here on earth!” — Ailette A.

Thanks for the love, and for helping animals.


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When will guard dog be freed? I am anxiously waiting for him to live a life off a chain. Thank you.

Judy Lewber