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It seems like just yesterday we were basking in the renewed optimism and revelry of a fresh new year, but here we are: halfway through September and ready to greet the fall season. Can you believe it? We certainly can't.

On September 5, we celebrated 28 incredible years of MUTTS — talk about time flying! On social media, we honored the occasion by posing the question: What's the first MUTTS comic strip you encountered?

As always, your responses brought a huge smile to our faces. You recalled how you came to know MUTTS, favorite strips through the years, and the first strip you remember seeing. Take a look at what others said, and let us know in the comments if you remember your first moments with MUTTS!

"It was when I fell in love with Shtinky Pudding a/k/a Jules. He was on a mission to save all the tigers. From that day, I followed MUTTS." —Linda S.

"I believe, the treasured pink sock from the dryer!!!" — Sylvia S.

"I totally remember the first time I saw MUTTS! It was the 'Prevent Farm Animal Cruelty, Give Animals A Voice: Moo, oink, cluck, peep'" — Heather E.

Also this month, Patrick was featured in Princeton Magazine, where he reflected on the evolution of MUTTS, adaptations of his work, and his upcoming book with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Heart to Heart! It's set for publication in January 2023.

Finally, as we say "goodbye" to summer and enter 'pumpkin shpice' season, we've been busy prepping some exciting new products for the quickly-approaching holidays. Keep your eyes peeled for some fun MUTTS goodies over the next two months!

In the meantime, we're sending you loving wishes for crisp fall nights, pumpkin patch outings with friends, and dive-worthy piles of fallen leaves.

November 17, 2019 Mutts Comic Strip



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I discovered Mutts when it was published in French. There were only 5 albums published.
I love the 2 strips in which Earl and Mooch meet their respective parents, but the one that touched me the most is the story of Andy in Shelter stories.
I adopted a dog named Angie, and it all happened like in the strip. She put her paws on the desk to watch while I was filling out the paperwork.
In France, the strip arrives in my mailbox around noon, it is the moment of happiness of the day.

Nathalie Beaufils

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I am in love with Jules. First time I set eyes on him. His moral compass is True North.
I hope we see much more of him…a book Jules, a Jules soft toy..Just Jules. He touches my heart.
AND I am enchanted with LPS. My girl Annie had a little furry rat toy that she carried with ther. Flat Rat.
Annie passed but Flat has his own little bed and blanket – he misses her, but he is safe and sound.


Yes, please update us on Guard Dog and his well-deserved freedom! This world needs it! Thank you!❤


I am moving to Georgia from New Jersey. The good part, I’ll be with family. The bad part, I have to give up my New Jersey Animal Friendly license plates featuring Mutts. I’m sad. Could you make a fun license plate featuring Mutts for the front of cars for states that only use one?

Alice Irizarry

Can you give us an idea of when Guard Dog will be unchained? I’m starting to get very depressed… 😿💔🐾🍀💙💜

Amy Carson