As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’ve been thinking about all the things we love that bring joy in our lives. For Mooch, that love comes in the form of the Little Pink Sock. Whether you’ve been following the comic strip for years or you’re new to all things MUTTS, you might have heard of this stray half of a pair of fuzzy pink footwear. 

The iconic item first appeared in January 2001, when Mooch the cat announced to his pal Earl that he’d fallen in love “at first shight.” The object of his affection? A little pink sock.


Mooch's Little Pink Sock
January 22, 2001: “Love at First Shight”


Although the origin of the garment was never fully revealed, it’s safe to assume the little sock was a “stray” whose partner had disappeared in the laundry, as fuzzy footwear is so notoriously apt to do. In subsequent strips, Mooch expounds on his infatuation. “She’s all I think about,” he says. “We haven’t been apart for a second. I’m obshessed!”

His passion begets a simple love song (“Little pink sock, little pink sock”), the melody of which is left to the reader’s imagination.

Eventually, the beloved sock becomes a recurring theme in the MUTTS comic strip, and even Mooch’s family and friends come to know how special it is. In the winter, Millie heats it up in the dryer for him, turning it into the “Little Warm Sock.” In the summer, Mooch brings it with him to the gang’s annual vacation down at the shore. And when he forgets it at home, he spends his days lamenting its absence. Depending on the month, the sock may even contain yummy shnacks — like holiday candies in December or cornbread stuffing in November.


Little Pink Sock with Cornbread
November 29, 2014: “Cornbread Shtuffing”


As of last month, Mooch is celebrating 22 years of love with the Little Pink Sock. These 22 years have transformed the sock into more than a toy. The LPS is a symbol of life’s little treasures — an unexpected reason to smile and laugh.

Want to get in on the fun? 

Check out our collection of items inspired by the iconic sock! At the MUTTS Shop, we offer real Little Pink Sock Catnip Toys to delight your own kitty. We also have Little Pink Socks designed to keep your (human) paws warm. 

To learn more about this fascinating little sock, browse the full collection of MUTTS comic strips featuring the LPS. You’ll see why Mooch loves it so. You (and your kitty) might even fall in love, too.

Comments (5)

What fun!

Carol James

Yesterday I was visiting my daughter, and her cat, Mattie, was rolling on the bed with a sock! Suddenly I remembered Mooch and his “Little Pink Sock!”

Mary Lou Mayfield

My beautiful Scooter loved naturally waltzing into the laundry room to pick a warm, freshly laundered sock. She would coo and meow with it in her mouth. She was definitely Mooch’s kindred spirit.

Colleen Dean

My black cat found and LOVED one of my (little) pink socks when he was a kitten! As much as I tried to reunite the sock pair, they never seemed to stay together! So, when Mooch found his LPS, I felt like someone had been watching! LOL! LOVE the LPS strips!!

Becky Lindsey

So, who did the little pink sock belong to originally? Must have been someone’s child?
I love Mooch and his little pink sock!

Kathy Hoffman