If you’re a MUTTS reader, you’ve probably heard of something called the Little Pink Sock. Maybe it’s your favorite part of the comic strip! Or maybe you’re kind of new here and you want to know what all the fuss is about.

It all started one chilly day in January 2001, when Mooch the cat announced to his pal Earl that he’d fallen in love “at first shight.”

The object of his affection? A little pink sock.

Mooch's Little Pink Sock
January 22, 2001: “Love at First Shight”

Although the origin of the garment was never fully revealed, it’s safe to assume the little sock was a “stray” whose partner had disappeared in the laundry, as fuzzy footwear is so notoriously apt to do. In subsequent strips, Mooch expounds on his infatuation. “She’s all I think about,” he says. “We haven’t been apart for a second. I’m obshessed!”

His passion begets a simple love song (“Little pink sock, little pink sock”), the melody of which is left to the reader’s imagination.

Eventually, the beloved sock becomes a recurring theme in the MUTTS comic strip. Even Mooch’s family and friends come to know how special it is. In the winter, Millie heats it up in the dryer for him (“Little warm sock”). In the summer, Mooch brings it with him to the gang’s annual vacation down at the shore. And when he forgets it at home, he spends his days lamenting its absence. Depending on the month, the sock may even contain yummy shnacks — like holiday candies in December or cornbread stuffing in November.

Little Pink Sock with Cornbread
November 29, 2014: “Cornbread Shtuffing”

In the 16 years since the LPS was introduced, it has transformed into much more than a toy. Now, it’s a symbol representing life’s little treasures. An unexpected reason to smile. A reminder to find joy in even the smallest, subtlest things.

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