Would you be interested in adopting your very own Earl and Mooch? Here's your chance!

Last month, when Patrick’s neighbors posted flyers with a photo of a fluffy black cat asking if anyone had lost their furry friend, he decided to dig in and help. Patrick quickly learned that a small, fluffy black cat had been seen in the neighborhood and was competing for food left out nightly for a resident feral friend. When it became clear no one had lost a cat, Patrick worked with the town’s Animal Control Officer to set a trap. Soon, the little guy was in the ACO van and safely on his way to SAVE – A Friend to Homeless Animals Animal Shelter in Skillman, New Jersey.

When he arrived, shelter staff decided that the rescue kitty would be named Earl, and Dr. Alfieri, SAVE’s veterinarian, made sure that he was good health. Earl is about 18 months old, less than 10 pounds, newly neutered, and is quite the fur ball. Earl is shy, having likely spent most of his days fending for himself outdoors and avoiding people. Marine Garot, SAVE’s animal caretaker and adoption counselor, dedicated many hours to gain Earl’s trust. She says he is a wonderful cat but still a bit reclusive in his new surroundings.

Here's Earl enjoying a moment with Marine!

Marine decided to try something to get Earl better acclimated to a new life that awaits him. Enter Mooch!

Mooch (a/k/a Saxon) is an uber-friendly, outgoing, curious young cat who looks quite a bit like his namesake. Mooch created a special bond with Earl. Whenever he can, Mooch seeks out his pal, Earl, who transforms to the cat he is meant to be: playful, sweet, and unafraid.

Both Earl and Mooch are available for adoption from SAVE. Marine says that Earl should go into a home that already has a friendly cat so he can quickly learn what it means to be a pampered family pet. We’re thinking Earl and Mooch would work perfectly as a pair. Let us know if you agree, especially if you live near N.J. and are willing to adopt one or both of these lovable creatures.

You can reach SAVE via their website: www.savehomelessanimals.org.

SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals, is an independent 501(c)(3) animal shelter operating in the greater Princeton area since 1941. Each year, they provide life-saving medical treatment, food, enrichment, and love to hundreds of animals.

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They are beautiful kitties! I hope they find their forever home together!

Deborah Deagon Walker