We at Team MUTTS love to create products that are adorable, high-quality, and animal-friendly, and t-shirts are among our — and your! — favorite goodies. Ever wonder how these super-comfy tees are made?

Since 2019, we’ve partnered with Real Thread, a company located in sunny Florida, to print nearly all of our t-shirts. We choose to work with them not only because they offer water-based inks (which are kinder to the environment than other types of ink), but also because they’re a creative and close-knit team with a great company culture. 

As you may know, our own team members work from home and are spread across multiple states, but we all have our paws in the process of creating new tees for the MUTTS Shop. 

Our talented wordsmiths, Sarah and Amanda, create seasonal product themes, slogans for the tees themselves, product descriptions for our website, and so much more. Nikki, our designer, marries our team’s ideas with Patrick’s comics to create beautiful, wearable art. Indira, our supply chain expert, collaborates with vendors like Real Thread to make sure our orders are processed smoothly. Joe, our dedicated shipping specialist, manages the busy MUTTS warehouse and makes sure every order is packaged with care. And as our marketing director, I help to create emails, social media content, and blog posts (like this one) to make sure readers —  like you! — are always in the loop.

I happen to live in Orlando, not far from Real Thread’s headquarters, and I recently spent an afternoon at their office and print shop. I chatted with their team about the history of MUTTS, what makes a great t-shirt, and what our customers have to say about the tees we create together. Check out the video below to hear snippets from our conversation, and for a peek behind the scenes at the t-shirt printing process!

Want to browse tees featuring Mooch, Earl, and our other furry friends? Explore the latest styles at the MUTTS Shop!

Have a t-shirt you’d love to see at MUTTS? Want us to consider new colors or sizes, or something else entirely? Let us know with a comment below! We’re all ears (and tails).

Comments (2)

They seem to be a rather NARROW model – I wish they were wider. Bigger sizes too!
More black and purple colors and those wonderful night / sleeping pictures.


Is this organic cotton? Most tshirts are horribly destructive to the environment. Video doesn’t say. Thanks.

Marcia Peters