So. You’re considering adopting a senior kitty? That’s great! Or … maybe the thought has crossed your mind, but you’re still on the fence about it. That’s okay, too. Adding a new furry family member to your household is a big decision — but it’s (almost always) a terrific one!

Below are a few things to know if you’re thinking of adopting a senior cat.

Senior Cat MUTTS Comic Strip

  • Senior cats can actually be as young as eight years old — which means they can still have many healthy years ahead of them!
  • Because many people prefer to adopt young or “newly adult” pets, senior cats tend to be among the least adopted shelter animals. Welcoming a senior kitty into your home is a unique act of kindness that will pay off in plenty of big and small ways.
  • Generally, with senior cats, what you see is what you get. At this stage, they’ve already developed their own personalities and tendencies, and they’re pretty much the size they’ll always be. No guessing, no surprises.
  • They love to nap! And who doesn’t love to spend time in the company of a comfy, purring kitty?
  • Because most cats become calmer with age, senior cats are less likely than kittens to climb your curtains or wake you up in the middle of the night with a spontaneous sprinting session.
  • As animals grow and age, they become more and less susceptible to certain kinds of illnesses. Senior cat parents will need to remain on the lookout for any significant weight loss or weight gain, signs of dental disease, or signs of dementia. Learn more about keeping mature kitties healthy here.
  • If you do adopt a senior cat, introduce him or her to your home gradually. Let them adjust to one room — a bedroom or office, for instance — before showing them the whole house.
  • Senior kitties appreciate lots of TLC. They’re mature enough to remember life before adoption, so they’re more likely than kittens to be consciously grateful for comfy beds, gentle ear rubs, regular meals, and all the other perks that come with finally finding a loving forever home.

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