Halloween, the (second?) most wonderful time of the year, is near!

What makes Halloween so spooktacular is that it’s an opportunity to tap into your creativity — and it’s even more fun when your four-legged friends can join in by sporting adorable, scary, and/or wacky costumes. Time to dive into cute D.I.Y Halloween costumes that anyone can create, and everyone will love!

Mostly Ghostly Pup


Here’s a simple and classic costume to turn your animal from a regular furry friend to a ghost-on-the-go. Find an old white sheet, cut out “eyes” and a “nose,” fit it over your animal companion, and there you have it. Boo!

A Purrrity Toy


This year, consider turning your furry baby into an old-school Beanie Baby (oh, the nostalgia)! All you need are a couple small sheets of red and white felt, scissors, string, and glue. Use the materials to mimic a “T.Y.” label, then use the string to attach it to their collar. Your animal friend will be cute enough to put on a shelf.

Old Dog, New Tricks


We love the idea of reimagining your animal as a granny who’s as sweet as candy corn. Grab an old wig, hair rollers, and one of your favorite t-shirts, and … voila!. Your animal be transformed from a furry little baby to a furry little nana.

Skeleton Kat


Halloween is a perfect time to rock a skeleton costume, and this is a great opportunity for those whose animal companions have black fur. You’ll only need decent freehand drawing skills and non-toxic, quickly washable paint to pull off this look. (Please, only choose paint that is veterinarian-approved, and be mindful about keeping it a safe distance from your pet’s eyes, nose, and mouth.)

Twisted Top Hat


Give your animal friend a classy look — with a twist! Using a simple top hat, glue, and whatever decor you can think of, you can create a look that’s as wild or as simple as you’d like.

Don’t forget … safety first!

While Halloween is a night of fun, we want to remind you of the importance of animal safety, as this holiday can be a dangerous time for animals in various ways. Remember to keep animals out of reach of glow sticks, candles, and candy, and to ALWAYS practice close supervision around any costumes or decor.

Now you’re all set! Have a safe and great Halloween!

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It’s most important to keep animals safe and indoors on this holiday.

Marjorie Toensing