Recently Patrick made an exciting announcement — he is taking his first-ever sabbatical to work on a literary graphic novel with none other than His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The tentative title for this book is Heart to Heart, and it will be published by HarperOne in the fall of 2022. (Not to worry though — Patrick has provided handpicked strips to run during this six-month period, so we won’t be without Mooch, Earl, and the rest of the MUTTS gang.)

Upon this announcement, we received a huge influx of well-wishes for Patrick as he embarks on this new adventure. At Team MUTTS, we are just as excited about this project as you are, so we wanted to share some of the sweet notes we’ve received on Patrick’s behalf.

“I’m wearing a Peace, Love, Rescue tee-shirt as I type this. The first thing I look for each morning is the MUTTS cartoon! However, writing something with the Dalai Lama is totally awesome! I can’t wait to purchase it. It is definitely worth waiting for. Thank you so much.” — Beverly S.

“He is the perfect writer and artist for this project. What an honor! Congratulations to him, Godspeed, and see you back in Jersey in 2022. 💞🌍🐾 — Maureen F.

“Excited for you and looking forward to the results of your project. In the meanwhile, vintage Earl and Mooch will be fun!” — Anne A.

“This sounds wonderful! We have all been so blessed by your drawings. Wishing you and His Holiness the Dalai Lama all the very best and cannot wait for Heart to Heart. No doubt will be a treasure!” — Gail C.

“Congrats, Patrick! This is really exciting news. I wish you creativity and inspiration.” — Mary M.

“Please send congratulations to Patrick on the honor of working with the Dalai Lama, and thank him for so many years of incisive, comic reflections on the human/animal condition! I am eager to see the fruits of this new collaboration!” — Wendy L.

“You are the perfect person to write with His Holiness. Your two huge hearts will merge into a beautiful book.” — Jeanne A.

“How wonderful for you and for all of us. And I can reread MUTTS comic strips over and over again so six months of reprints is no problem. Blessings!” — Kate K.

“I am so excited to hear about you working with the Dalai Lama and look forward to hearing from you about your progress. I can’t wait to see the work of art created by two of my favorite people: you and the Dalai Lama. God bless you both!” — Carol B.

Want to share your thoughts with Patrick, too? Just leave a comment below, and we’ll make sure he gets your message!

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Patrick – this sounds like a terrific adventure for you, and the Dalai Lama too – congratulations! I can just picture all of your Mutts peering over your shoulders as you work (that’d be a great picture by the way….) Hope you have a wonderful and meaningful time. All the best from NC!

Carole & Joel Cotter

Good luck with the book – can’t wait to get a copy. Looking forward to your return!

Brendan Coyle

Brendan f Coyle


You & the boys & their friends have been our “lifesavers” particularly during this past year. It isn’t an imposition for us, your faithful friends, to return the favor so that you’re able to take a soul sabbatical and work with his holiness, the Dalai Lama. The experience for you and the gift to us is immeasurable. Thank you, thank you. Kat Schwanz, Spokane, WA

Kathleen Schwanz

Congratulations on such an opportunity to work with Dalai Lama!! It’s exciting and incredible, and it’s a dream-come-true for me, too, as Mutts is very special to me as well as Dalai Lama. I hope you enjoy every moment of it. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how it went through your new book. I wish you the best and great health.

Saya Pagel

So exciting—can’t wait to read it! And as you already know, cats and dogs are little Buddhas with fur….

Annie Wilde

WOW!! HIS Holiness the Dalai Lama? What an amazing honor and no one more deserving than you Patrick! Enjoy the whole experience and process. Learn & love from his Holiness and bring that knowledge and those Important lessons to your strip when you return. All of us including the Mutts gang will be better for it!

Tanya Teneyuque

I LOVE the MUTTS strip! My brother gave me one of the daily comic strips as it was right on target in capturing my buddy, Monty. Ever since, I’ve been a fan. I have MUTTS T-shirts, etc.; and I send the link to everyone I know so they can get the daily enjoyment of reading MUTTS as much as I do. MUTTS has brought many a smile to many a face. THANK YOU and I so much look forward to reading the new novel.


The last time Patrick was away on vacay, people wrote in to the NYC Daily News thinking he was never to be returned! They must not get the printed newspaper where it says on the bottom of his spot that he’s on vacay! Now with this sabbatical, what will they think? Please tell the newspapers to at least print a story to that affect, that he will be ensconced in the presence of the esteemed Dalai Lama. That’s heavy, and he ain’t my brother! I will bide my time with the oldies, but goodies of Earl & Mooch!

Joan Silaco

Have been a fan of Mutts for many years. My ‘Wall of Fame’ has lots of framed comic strips and of course, photos of all our dogs, past & present. So VERY excited to see the exhibit of Patrick’s art, the exhibit of 200 years of dogs in cartoons AND purchase the new BOOK!!! Best wishes on all these ventures.
From a devoted fan, Kristin Beauchamp.
Northern Michigan

Kristin Beauchamp

Congratulations, Patrick. I look forward to reading this new collaborative book. Many have asked, and you replied, Guard Dog would be freed this year. Vintage Mutts will be great but I hope you can sneak a new panel in that frees him from his bondage.

Helena Dewees