Summer Storm

Summer is in full swing and the weather gets fickle this time of year; raging thunderstorms, tornadoes, flash floods, tropical storms and even hurricanes may come and go at any second. Here are a handful of tips to protect you and your beloved pets from Mother Nature’s worst.

At home:

  • Prepare an emergency kit for your pet:
    Have your pet’s leash/harness, food, medications, important documents (medical records, licenses) as well as some bottled water ready to go in a sturdy duffel bag or container.
  • Have a carrier or cage ready to transport your pet
  • Be sure that your pet is always wearing a collar with ID and emergency contact information
  • Keep your pets close to home! In case of an emergency, you can up and go quickly without having to search outside for your wandering pet.

On the go:

  • Have a similar emergency kit on hand, especially if you are going far
  • If you’re caught in the middle of a bad storm on the road or at the park, take a note from Mooch and Earl, find a safe place and sit it out!

Learn about how the HSUS Animal Rescue Team helps animals in bad weather. Summer’s the time to kick back and relax so be safe, be prepared and enjoy yourself!

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