This summer has been full of adventures for the MUTTS gang. As always, the crew ended the season down at the Shore, but back in June, Mooch and Earl took a trip to Yellowstone. There, they met a few new friends and inspired a real-life adventure with Mooch and Earl figurines in tow!

June 6, 2022 MUTTS Comic Strip

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Many thanks to our friend Anita, who took Earl and Mooch exploring in Yellowstone National Park. Check out some of the fun things they saw!

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Awwwwww we were in Yellowstone in August. Sorry we missed Earl and Mooch——
That would have made our trip perfect !!!
Cindy Larson☺️

Cindy Larson

Wish I’d been there!. Yellowstone is my favorite national park! Looks like you had so much fun!❤🐾