Back in early April, Patrick and members of the MUTTS team were lucky enough to be able to greet a Greater Good Charities rescue flight. As part of their Good Flights program, Greater Good Charities transported 48 pups from overcrowded, rural shelters in Louisiana all the way up to New Jersey, where partner shelters were ready and able to help find these pups their forever homes.

In honor of this wonderful experience, Patrick felt compelled to draw a series of MUTTS comic strips dedicated to Greater Good Charities, their Good Flights program, and all the animal rescue workers who make adoption stories like this possible. Take a look as we follow Chiquita's journey to her forever home! 

Published June 27, 2022

Published June 28, 2022

Published June 29, 2022

Published June 30, 2022

Published July 1, 2022

Published July 2, 2022

The real Chiquita explores the outdoor run of her kennel at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center

Can't get enough? Neither could we! Read more about this fantastically heart-warming day and how Greater Good Charities made it possible in our pre-flight blog post. Then check out our photo gallery update from the day, and meet even more of these wonderful pups! 


Comments (6)

It’s so uplifting to read about caring people who are truly making a difference! Thank you, every one of you, for helping to save these precious babies.

Nancy Adams

Greater Goods is the most wonderful organization that does G-d’s work. This is one of the organizations that I consistently donate to. I also buy all my clothes from Animal Rescue Site. People compliment me on the shirts, boots, handbags and I always pass on the name of Greater Goods and Animal Rescue Site.

They all are truly angels from G-d who have dedicated their lives to save the animal, help people and try to save the world with their good deeds.

Lois Stein

I agree with every word. You are doing heaven’s work!!! Thank you

Dorothy Cottrell

I have adopted two beautiful shelter dogs. I love them with all my heart. It is through organizations like the Greater Good Charities that these precious animals find a new life. You are truly doing God’s work here on earth.

Sheila Christine Duffy

How absolutely wonderful a team came together to save some pupcakes ❣️Thank you to every one of you for saving these doggos…❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️❣️❣️❣️☺️

Valerie Jenkins

God bless all those helping these wonderful dogs!

Lou Drew