We’re hard at work!… Want a behind-the-scenes peek at what we’re working on in the creative studio at MUTTS.com?

We’re hard at work on the 2016 MUTTS Wall Calendar, which once again will feature everyone’s favorite cat Mooch and his dog pal Earl, as well as the rest of the sweet cast. And just like last year, the calendar will be printed in the U.S. on recycled paper.

We also listened to your many, many passionate requests and have created a page-a-day daily desk calendar for 2016, which also features the cast of MUTTS. Each day you’ll get a MUTTS strip from our 20+ year archive, as well as thoughtful quotes and even some great coupons for the MUTTS.com store.

Here’s a shot of each on our screens! Shtay tuned to MUTTS.com to find out when they’ll be arriving in our store!

MUTTS Calendar

MUTTS Calendar

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