When we announced the arrival of our MUTTS Plush Pals last October, we also introduced Gogo Olive, the company with whom we partnered to create these adorable hand-knitted items.

It’s our policy to team up with ethical companies, and we’re always glad to tell you about them (and send love their way!) as often as possible. Now, we want to let you know why Gogo Olive could use our support more than ever.

Gogo Olive is a fair-trade company that was founded in response to Zimbabwe’s unemployment rate, which some estimate to be as high as 95 percent. The business creates opportunities for nearly 60 local women, who are able to use their craft skills to build better futures for themselves and their families.

In recent months, a political and economic crisis has swept Zimbabwe, and for multiple days in January the country experienced a total, nationwide internet shutdown.

When Team MUTTS heard the news, we reached out to our friends at Gogo Olive. We learned that although they did have to temporarily close their workshop during the shutdown, the artisans are all safe and have since returned to their knitting.

“It’s horrible to hear about what is happening in the country,” said Julie, the company’s founder, “but we are doing our best to stay positive and keep going. Zimbabwean people are amazingly resilient and despite difficult times are quick to smile and support each other.”

You can join us in supporting Gogo Olive’s mission of self-sustainability by showing them love on Instagram or by clicking here to order your own hand-knitted Earl or Mooch Plush Pal at the MUTTS Shop.

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I love my EARL and Mooch knit pals! My cat likes them too, as he tries to steal them!

joan silaco