Happy Earth Day to our planet and all its inhabitants! Although MUTTS always strives to protect and honor our home, April 22 is the official day we celebrate globally. The holiday was established in 1970 to spread consciousness of environmental issues. For the 51st anniversary of this special day, we have two tips on how to celebrate the green way!

One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day is by educating ourselves. It’s vital that we become aware of the impact that our actions are having on our planet. Unfortunately, many oft-overlooked habits — such as overusing energy — harm the environment. By learning what’s bad and good for our planet, we can course-correct and better our home.

There are plenty of articles and books to learn how to care for the earth. In addition, Patrick recently released a fun and helpful resource for the young and young at heart — MUTTS Go Green! This book, filled with beloved MUTTS comic strips, includes lessons on ecological friendliness and animal protection. The tips provided are meant to educate about keeping the environment clean and suggest ways to create a greener future for all.

Another great way to celebrate is by transitioning to using eco-friendly products. Some may not realize it, but many everyday products contain materials that are hazardous to the earth. This is why we at MUTTS.com strive to create ethical and reusable products made with earth-friendly materials (like reforested paper and environmentally friendly inks).

We hope you will join us in celebrating the earth not only on Earth Day, but all year long! Remember, we only have one home, and it’s our job to protect it. Let’s treat it with the kindness that we spread to our animal friends daily.

What are some ways you’re protecting or honoring the earth?

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I love Mutts so much, and I very much appreciate and applaud the earth-friendly messaging. However this one comic strip sends such the wrong message — people need to stop literally “cleaning up” outside by sanitizing nature and removing fallen leaves that are habitat for overwintering and nesting bees, butterflies, moths, lightning bugs, etc. This is the opposite of how to celebrate Earth Day. More appropriate “home, clean home” outdoor activities would be picking up the unfortunate amount of trash and single-use plastics that litter our environment, and putting a stop to automotive idling that pollutes our air with toxins and spews CO2 that contributes to climate change.

Bridget Daley

I save a number of various strips and put them in my journals. Really had a smile when I saw Sunday’s strip with the Shelly quote. Thank you for giving an old lady a pleasant moment.
Mary Edmonds

Mary E. Edmonds