Yesh, it's time to Clear the Shelters! Each year, Greater Good Charities, The Animal Rescue Site, and NBC Universal team up to help hundreds of animal rescues across the nation clear the shelters and raise much-needed funds to support their programs. Since 2015, more than 726,000 pets have found loving, forever families through this adoption initiative!

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This year, Clear the Shelters is taking place from August 1-31, and pet rescues need our support now more than ever. Shelters across the country are experiencing unprecedented overpopulation alongside rapidly rising care costs. So how can you help?

Adopt, Don't Shop
Are your heart and home ready to welcome in a new forever family member? Take this Clear the Shelters month as your sign that it's time, and head down to your local rescue to meet your perfect (or purrfect) match.

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Say thanks to your local shelter for their kindness and care with a donation. Search for a participating rescue and donate to their Clear the Shelters fund! Monetary donations aren't the only way to make an impact, though. Call nearby shelters and ask what items they're in need of, then check your house to see what you can spare! Many shelters often need of household items like towels, blankets, detergent, cleaning supplies, and more.

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Foster or Volunteer

Fosters are always in high demand and allow shelters to up their capacity to rescue more pets. Can't commit to being a long-term foster? Many rescues need emergency fosters to house pets for a few days until other arrangements can be made. Can't have pets? No problem. Volunteer with your local shelter — it'll bring joy to you, the rescue, and the pets you get to meet, a win-win-win!

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No matter which route(s) you choose to help during this Clear the Shelters month, and beyond, thank you for being an Animal Angel!

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Bonus Fun for Recent Adopters
Did you help Clear the Shelters by adopting this month (or any time this year)? We want to hear from you and meet your new furry family member! Tell us all about them and you'll be entered to win a giveaway in honor of this special occasion. The grand prize winner will receive a copy of MUTTS Shelter Stories: Love Guaranteed with a one-of-a-kind doodle from Patrick, as well as a gift for their new fur-baby, of course!

Comments (3)

I lost my probably 12 year old rescued Boston Terrier due to a large inoperable tumor. This was a shock as Roxy did have medical issues. She’d had glaucoma, and only had one eye left and was a diabetic also. But everything was under control and her unexpected loss crushed me.

I had to go through the cat room to see a little Shitzu that a rescue group called me about at our local Shelter. That little doggie has a nipping/almost biting issue, so I had to regretfully say no, sorrowfully. I kept passing a nice cat named Ivy and she wasn’t getting adopted. Last week I brought Ivy home. Our condo is ultra tiny so it is too small for Ivy to have a friend, dog or cat there. Looks like I will be able to make a change all things considered, so hopefully in 2023 we will purchase a larger apartment for three of us when we arrive. Ivy was a big help doing a kitchen job with me yesterday and I hope my First Cat will be happy with me for all of our lives.

Joanne M. Laffan

My favourite strips are the Shelter Stories. Our home is kind of a dog/cat day care these days since we lost our Jack. I am currently working on a project for our local humane society. I am a quilter & will be hosting an online quilt auction for sometime in October (think Xmas gifts) for the shelter. We have amazing & very supportive community, so my hope is this will do well too. Who wouldn’t want a quilt?

Silvia Wheeler

As a volunteer for my local humane society, I met and loved a 14-year-old gentleman cat during several weekly shifts. With two senior lady cats and a senior dog, all rescues, at home, I hoped he would be adopted and loved soon. Then the Sunday, May 6, 2018, Shelter Stories comic appeared, and I knew we needed him as much as he needed us. We enjoyed his calm, loving presence for a year and a half. Gratitude for his adoption was mutual, and he won’t be forgotten.

Candy Curtis