Here’s something that’s inspiring us: the town of Kamikatsu in Japan, where the citizens are striving to make their town waste-free by 2020. It’s especially inspiring in light of this month’s Manifesto focus: to love nature.

So how do they do it?

By adopting a strict recycling program that separates their trash into an impressive 34 different categories, the people of Kamikatsu are showing that they mean business when it comes to achieving their goal.

“If you get used to it, it becomes normal,” says one resident. “Now I don’t think about it. It’s become natural to separate the trash correctly.”

But it’s more than just sorting trash. “We are trying to totally change our lifestyles,” says another Kamikatsu resident. This means being more aware of what they consume, throw away, and how that impacts their society and their world.

To take it one step further, they’ve opened a craft shop where anyone can drop off or take used items at no cost, and where old materials are repurposed into new clothing, bags, and even stuffed animals. What a lovely way to show love and respect for nature and the earth.


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