Meet Shtinky Puddin’, also known as Jules! Shtinky is a striped kitten who cares about protecting all animals (especially the tigers). He has a radiant heart, the accidental wisdom of a philosopher, and an uncanny knack for getting lost. Shtinky’s favorite activities include spreading awareness about animal rights, giving great hugs, and finding ways to teach the world to purr.

Get to know Shtinky with these strips featuring this sweet kitten! 

Mooch and Earl gave Shtinky Puddin’ his name.

December 5, 1996 MUTTS Comic Strip

But his human family knows him as Jules.

December 26, 1996 MUTTS Comic Strip

He loves his "angels" with all his heart. 

November 1, 1998 MUTTS Comic Strip

He loves tigers — and all the animals and the planet we share — even more.

March 27, 2005 MUTTS Comic Strip

He’s a philosopher of sorts, wise beyond his years.

March 30, 2008 MUTTS Comic Strip

He dreams of saving the world and teaching us all to purr.

June 13, 2015 MUTTS Comic Strip

But it gets a bit overwhelming sometimes.

June 10, 2007 MUTTS Comic Strip

He doesn’t have the best sense of direction, and often finds himself lost.

July 30, 2012 MUTTS Comic Strip

But no matter where he finds himself, he is always quick to share a hug.

October 7, 2007 MUTTS Comic Strip


Comments (8)

Shtinky Puddin and Mooch are two of the best characters in the comic strip world that I adore. Patrick McDonnell has captured his creative genius with these two lovable cats. Shtinky Puddin aka Jules is so damn lovable with
the personality that any cat lover would want. He loves hugs and speaks volumes with his purrs. Thank you very
much Patrick for giving us Shtinky Puddin !! And Mooch too !!


Our Cat Reilly is totally blind since birth. He is a ginger tabby and very affectionate and happy. He comes to the door when I get home to be hugged. He loves to come to the door to “see” any visitors we have. We saw him in the newspaper as the pet of the week and I knew we had to rescue him before someone who might not be so understanding. This came shortly after we lost Gabriel who was an angel and absolutely a force of nature, so I think Reilly is the angel sent to replace Gabriel.

Michael Wurn

I believe Shtinky is one of my ultimate favorites because he does give hugs when needed, and he is trying to show the world that we need to change and make things better. I love this little guy and I’m proud of him.


We have a cat named Jules. He’s adorable and only has one eye. This kitten/cat is so very much like him. I think he has all the same thoughts and opinions as Stinky Puddin Jules. Keep on huggin!


Love his name and everything about him!! He is sweet and beautiful!

Judith Kazell

They are paper and ink. But look and listen, they all have a huge, true story to be told. Thank you


Have always adored Shtinky Puddin (Jules)’s name; but his outlook on life and his amazing wisdom for one so young to the world a lesson for us all. Also, the fact that he is not at all hindered by being small, because his heart is so big!

Lisa Waltermann

Thank you for Jules’ story. It’s another sweet one.

Bob Remonte