Meet Woofie! Pure affection in dog form, Woofie is big, happy, energetic, lives to give sloppy dog kisses, and has never met a stranger. Woofie loves kitties, snow, “Vawentine’s Day,” summer, autumn, spring, falling leaves, the rain, Halloween, chasing the mail carrier, slobbering, poetry, tail wags, jumping on people, riding in cars, and everything and everyone. 

Get to know Woofie with these strips featuring this wuvable pup! 

Woofie is all about love — or as he calls it, wuv.

Not even Mondays can bring him down.

October 17 2022, Daily Comic Strip
Woofie keeps busy, spreading wags and kisses wherever he goes.
He even occasionally works the dog kissing booth to spread wuv for a good cause.

Admittedly, there are some who find Woofie’s wuv to be a little bit much.

But he doesn’t let it get him down, especially on his favorite holiday: Valentine’s Day.

February 14 2022, Daily Comic Strip
While Valentine’s Day may be his favorite, there isn’t a holiday or season that Woofie doesn’t love.

No matter the season though, he recognizes that there is always something and someone to wuv.

Comments (2)

Our beloved Cody who now lives in our hearts loved our mail carrier who would give him a treat every day. Cody would take the treat and very carefully place it on the pavement in front of our shed. We didn’t understand why until one day I spotted a rabbit coming out from under the shed. It hopped straight to the treat, sniffed it, then picked it up and went back under the shed. Cody was our Woofie.💝

Cynthia Kern

I once was daddy to a Woofie who would happily share his dinner with squirrels and rabbits.
Bless him.

Bob Remonte