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We also provide our fun digital wallpapers through the MUTTS blog — allowing you to enjoy them even if you miss the Newshletter. You can download the April 2022 wallpapers by clicking on the links below.

Download the Desktop Wallpaper

April 2022 Desktop Wallpaper Download

Download the Mobile Wallpaper

April 2022 Mobile Wallpaper Download

Comments (6)

Sad that I just now see the April one, and it’s April 16! I check my email and the website daily starting at the beginning of each month! These bring me a lot of joy!

Anita Weber

When do these screen savers appear in the newsletters? I looked around the first of the month but found none. It’s almost mid-month now. Is that normal?
I do enjoy these! Thanks!

Susan Lyon

I’ve had this issue the past two months. It won’t let you “save as”.

Jane Smith

I agree with Herb Hunter; unable to download the background for my desktop and never experienced this issue in the past, just this month. Please respond

Thank you,

Carole Perrotti

I cannot download the background for my desktop this month, I’ve never had a problem before. Is it in a different format?

Herb Hunter

Great pictures for my phone!

Michael Gorman