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We also provide our fun digital wallpapers through the MUTTS blog — allowing you to enjoy them even if you miss the Newshletter. You can download the June 2022 wallpapers by clicking on the links below.

Download the Desktop Wallpaper

June 2022 Desktop Digital Wallpaper


Download the Mobile Wallpaper

June 2022 Mobile Download

Comments (5)

I haven’t been to down load the wall paper I wish it could get fixed

Linda Payne

I have been unable to use the downloads for that past couple months. They used to be jpeg files, which worked fine. Now the webpage doesn’t work for me, either!


Was there never a May Newshletter? I never got one.


I agree with Hania Jakubowska. I’m unalble to upload either. The upload does not give me an option to “set as background” on my computer desktop.

Carole Perrotti

I cannot upload this months image to my computer because it only downloads as a webpage which my computer does not accept as image for the desktop.

Hania Jakubowska