We were delighted to see some kind words from our pals at CBR.com (Comic Book Resources). CBR’s Ashvaria Rai recently published two articles outlining “10 Things MUTTS Does Better Than Any Other Strip” and the “10 Most Beloved Earl and Mooch Stories.” 

Rai shares praise for the way MUTTS uses humor, format, and character development to advocate for animals and help readers see the world in a different light. Check out a short excerpt from “10 Things MUTTS Does Better”:

“From advocating for the rights and preservation of animals to showcasing the power of kindness, MUTTS thrives through its depiction of simple interactions underlined with a push for social change.”

Rai also catalogs the comic strip’s moments that build the “unique and wholesome friendship” between Mooch and Earl. See the full article to reminisce with Rai about Earl teaching Mooch a trick, the moment the pair meet Guard Dog, and more.

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I love your comic strip and you do much good, however I have been a little perplexed his past week. A dog being chained to a stake and the owners leaving him is not funny, it is very sad. I am sure you have some idea of how many animals are left just that way. Some get rescued but some die a slow and horrible death. Its made me very sad and upset. I do hope this ends in a happy and joyful manor.


I can’t imagine life without The Mutts gang. I’m originally from Jersey too and I still have The Mutts license plates the State issued to encourage spaying and neutering. Thank God for Patrick. ☘️


10 Things Mutts Does Better really does a good job at telling the top points of Mutts cartoons.
I agree totally with everything they say and hope these daily mini-stories from Mooch and Earl
keep coming for a long time!

Nancy Hunter