Have you heard? A brand-new book by Patrick McDonnell is coming soon to the MUTTS shop — and it’s available now for pre-order!

MUTTS Go Green, which will be published on March 31, 2021, features a special collection of MUTTS comic strips centered on themes of environmental friendliness and animal protection. It also includes eco-friendly lessons on ways to help create a greener future for our furry friends and future generations.

Recently featured in an article at Comic Book Resources (CBR.com), MUTTS Go Green is a fun, casual read that’s written with a younger audience in mind (but is recommended for anyone who loves animals and nature). If you’ve previously enjoyed the MUTTS Diaries paperback series, we think you will also love MUTTS Go Green, which is created in a similar style. Plus, it’s printed on recycled paper — and every copy at MUTTS.com includes a bookplate signed by Patrick!

Interested in hearing what others are saying? We’re enthused to share that early reviewers on Goodreads have already expressed plenty of kind words about the book:

“I highly recommend this book to all school libraries and even as a book to use for Earth Day; and, for teachers as a teaching aid when discussing issues about our planet. Although meant for children, this is such a great book, I would recommend it to adults as well. Is there really an age discrimination for topics like these?” — Goodreads Review

“Such a well-written book for kids, all about being kind to themselves, to the other and to their home; planet Earth. I loved how it is addressed so smartly towards the little ones without injecting fear but rather hope for a future where the collective and nature is being put in the centre rather than the self.” — Goodreads Review

Don’t forget, MUTTS Go Green is now available to pre-order at the MUTTS Shop, where every purchase helps to rescue animals in need. Reserve your copy (or copies) today!

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I will be looking forward to this book. just what I need right now.


recently, I read “Comfortably unaware- what we choose to eat is killing us and our planet” by Dr Richard A Oppenlander. Published in 2012, it is a powerful statement on the conditions our appetite for meat creates. Please read it and continue your quest to make us all more aware and willing to make better choices. Thanks you for your work.

Barbara D