As we mentioned earlier this month, King Features is celebrating an impressive milestone: a century of comics history. MUTTS is an integral part of that history. Hot off the presses (and your screen):

In your (funny) papers

Many papers on Sunday, November 15, featured a special insert of 100 years of comics – a walk through history with Krazy Kat, Popeye, Flash Gordon, the Yellow Kid, and of course, Mooch and Earl. The insert is written by Brian Walker (Beetle Bailey, Hi and Lois) and has quizzes and interviews as well. The New York Times reported about the insert quoting King Features’ comics editor Brendan Burford on the “ ‘amazing impact on a century of pop culture’ that King and its comic strips have had.”

In your living room

CBS Sunday Morning hosted a segment “The king of Sunday funnies turns 100”, with interviews with Mort Walker and sons (Beetle Bailey, Hi and Lois), Ray Billingsley (Curtis) and Brendan Burford. Patrick, Mooch and Earl can be spotted in the Comic Con panel. You can watch the full video below.

Click here to watch the full video

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