During this month of January 2016, we’re focusing on the first point of our MUTTS Manifesto: To be kind. For us, it ties in perfectly to January’s “Unchain a Dog Month”.

For years, Patrick’s character of Guard Dog from the MUTTS strip has helped shine the light on the cruel practice of chaining dog. We’ve learned over the years that many animal guardians would prefer NOT to chain their dogs, but sometimes lack the information, financial means, or rights as tenants to help their four-legged friends.

Along with our friends at The Humane Society of the United States, who started the “Pets for Life program, we’re also inspired by the Coalition to Unchain Dogs. The group works tirelessly not only to unchain dogs — by building fences, providing spay and neuter services, and wellness checks — but also empowers dog owners to become true believers and advocate for other chained dogs. Their pay-it-forward model helps to create real, long-lasting changes. And the bonds they have with their dogs grow deeper and stronger.

Their video about Rodney and Amanda shows this change in action. Visit them on Facebook or their website for lots more “happy tails” videos and information. You can get involved too!

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