As part of our ongoing 25th anniversary celebration, we’re digging deep into our archives to reminisce on some of the sweetest, funniest, and most significant moments from the past two and a half decades of MUTTS.

Here are strips from the second and third weeks of MUTTS strips ever published, in which Earl the dog meets Mooch — that myshterious cat next door — and a few other neighbors, too.

Published on September 12, 1994


Published on September 13, 1994


Published on September 14, 1994


Published on September 15, 1994


Published on September 16, 1994


Published on September 18, 1994


Published on September 19, 1994


Published on September 20, 1994


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Comments (9)

Same here.


I LOVE Mutts! I have been a loyal fan since discovering them in the 1990’s.
So grateful they are celebrating 25 years. This comic is a daily joy in my life!


I remember loving these the first time I saw them – reading the first Mutts book in a large bookstore and waving it at my roomie – “I need this!” I kept chirping at her.


Thanks for sharing. I’m a long time fan, but didn’t get in on the beginning.♥️

Mary Wells

I remember so clearly those two strips, where Earl showed “his Ozzie” to Mooch, and where Mooch introduced his housemates to Earl.

Elvia Szymanski

i look forward to checking my email every morning knowing that Earl and Mooch will be there to make my day!

Pam Reight

I fell in love with Mooch and Earl the moment I read them in my local paper…now I can’t go a day without them….Thank you!


How very sweet. I have been a fan for some time but did not know the backstory of how the “friendship” of Mooch and Earl got started. Love to you Patrick, your staff, and to all the wonderful characters in Mutts. Thanks so much for all the joy you have brought to us fans!

Ted Werdal

I love mutts. I look forward to reading it everyday. It’s so heartwarming ! I love all the characters!