We’re digging deep into our archives to reminisce on some of the sweetest, funniest, and most significant moments from the past two and a half decades of MUTTS!

Here are strips from the second and third weeks of MUTTS strips ever published, in which Earl the dog meets Mooch — that myshterious cat next door — and a few other neighbors, too.

Published on September 12, 1994


Published on September 13, 1994


Published on September 14, 1994


Published on September 15, 1994


Published on September 16, 1994


Published on September 18, 1994


Published on September 19, 1994


Published on September 20, 1994


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Comments (22)

love this comic strip, its so simplistic and yet so dead on…

maureen long

I still get a newspaper , and Mutts is one of the first things I go to…Nice to have a smile in the morning with all that is going on in the world ! Thanks …..


I love crabby and sourpuss. Crabby reminds of me before my morning coffee.LOL

Robert Smith

I look forward to my Mutts every morning in my email and have my calendar at work on my desk too. You capture them so life like.. ❤️ Keep making us smile😁


Mutts rules in my abode!

Jim Howard

Simply love them! They always make me laugh & be happy!


Hello, Earl and Mooch, I look forward daily for My “Earl & Mooch” visit via my computer!!! Your visits fill my heart with joy….whether I am having a good day or a difficult one. I am pretty much house-bound and your visits help SO MUCH!!! I have a little “Yorkie” and I can see a lot of you two in him…his name is Jeffrey. Please keep coming to me and bringing so much delight into my heart and my home. Thank you, from my heart…..Carol

Carol Elliott

My local newspaper used to get Mutts. When they quit I signed up for the daily email – couldn’t live without my daily fix of Earl & Mooch and the gang! Thank you for all you do for animals (and for us!)


When the world’s too much for us, MUTTS is the answer.

Mary Ann

Oh, the human aspects of those two! Love them…keep them coming. Thanks!

Connie Dunfield