As part of our ongoing 25th anniversary celebration, we’re digging deep into our archives to reminisce on some of the sweetest, funniest, and most significant moments from the past two and a half decades of MUTTS.

To kick things off, please enjoy these strips from the very first week MUTTS was published, in which readers (and Patrick) met Earl the cartoon pup and his beloved guardian Ozzie!

Published on September 5, 1994


Published on September 6, 1994


Published on September 7, 1994


Published on September 8, 1994


Published on September 9, 1994


Published on September 10, 1994


Published on September 11, 1994


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Comments (18)

I had the pleasure of meeting Patrick McDonnell several years ago and asked him the same question (I always say “yesh”!). Mr. McDonnell told me that he patterned his shpeech after a classmate of his in school. Inspiration!

Kate K

I always say Yesh myself!

I love seeing these early clips.


Why does Mooch lisp?

Susan Davis

Earl and Mooch did not know each other yet, but were neighbors. One day they both took a walk around the neighborhood and ended up under a tall stately tree. All of a sudden a squirrel aimed a nut at the top of Earl’s head bouncing off and hitting the top of Mooch’s head. They both fell down into a warm and cozy heap at the base of the tree and they stayed together forever after. BFF

Kathryn Smith

How did Earl and Mooch meet!

Mary Ellen Freas

Love it!

Bill Reynolds

I remember it well! The September 11 episode was the one that hooked me forever. Thank you!

Lisa Marie

The icing on the cake just keeps getting better. Woof.


These are SO SWEET! Thank you for sharing!!

Stella Gibson

Love seeing the old cartoons! Thank You ♥

Mary Kaye