As part of our ongoing 25th anniversary celebration, we’re digging deep into our archives to reminisce on some of the sweetest, funniest, and most significant moments from the past two and a half decades of MUTTS.

The following strips are from the Christmas season of 1994, the first year MUTTS was published. Enjoy!

Published on December 16, 1994


Published on December 17, 1994


Published on December 20, 1994


Published on December 21, 1994


Published on December 22, 1994


Published on December 23, 1994


Published on December 25, 1994


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Comments (9)

I can’t begin to express the joy I get from this sweet little comic strip everyday.

Robert Roe

Love, love, love Mutts. They begin my day. A day without Mutts is a like a day without sunshine. I have been a follower since the beginning. The phenomenal work done for animals keeps me shopping ‘Mutts’ every year.


I notice that the panels have more words/sentences etc. I guess 25 years later, it gets harder to come up with many more interesting thoughts and ideas in keeping the comic strip fresh.




We have a 5 year old rescue dog and she is wonderful.

Virginia Sansone

Mutts makes my day!


I never miss a Mutts comic strip. It is a delight each and every day. it is wonderful and gentle. it makes me wish I lived in their world.

michael edwards

What a wonderful read everyday. Mooch and Earl make my day!

Riochard Slate

I am 80 years old. I MUST read “my” Mutts everyday. The warmth and candor of the characters and the thought-provoking messages are something I’ve treasured for years. I have past panels from the beginning in files and on external devices because I find it difficult to erase them. And I have hard copies on my desk as I write.

Rita Shapiro