In honor of Guard Dog, the faithful chained dog in MUTTS with a heart of gold, we're sharing happy stories about real-life "guard dogs." This story was submitted by MUTTS reader Bethany Dalton. Thank you, Bethany!


From what we have to go on, we think my rescue dog, Freddy Furcury, was likely a chained Guard Dog who escaped while he was still growing. He was found as a stray with a metal choke chain embedded in his neck. It was embedded so badly that the shelter workers immediately put him in the car and rushed him to the vet for surgery. He was also underweight so he had been on his own and in pain for quite awhile. If he had not been found then he would have died a slow and painful death from choking or infection without ever knowing love.

I knew all this before I adopted him, but a few days after adoption, the shelter asked if I wanted the photos they had taken of him (in case his abuser was caught) to show our vet as part of his medical records. He has scars and some fur loss that requires us to leave his collar loose but it doesn't look that bad now.

I was not prepared and was shocked to see just how bad it was! I sat there and just cried; I still cry when I see those pictures! I didn't realize how close he had come to literally being choked to death by his choke chain. He is a 60 lb. pitbull who loves with ALL his heart and is happiest sitting on your lap. How could anyone tie such a sweet baby outside and neglect him and cause all this pain? It really made me more sensitive to anyone leaving their dogs tied out, even for short periods of time. Dogs belong with you and as a part of your family, not tied outside, underfed, and forgotten about.

Freddy Furcury came into my life six weeks after I lost my Queeny girl (my 12-year-old boxer mix rescue). I was still crying daily over her loss but I needed a fur baby to help me through the loss. From the start, Freddy, who had been let down by humans to the point it almost killed him, was licking my tears away! He has gotten me through the worst of my grief and I have helped him learn how to be spoiled and protected.

Yes, he is still a "guard dog" from inside the house and will let me know if anyone steps foot in our driveway, but he will never be left outside alone except in our fenced backyard while I cook and watch him through the window. He is the best dog, and I can't believe someone else put so little value on his life. He is so happy hanging out with me or going for rides, anything that involves living life with his family and he is ready to go. I am forever grateful for the gift of Freddy in my life! 


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I am glad that there are people in the world like Bethany who provide love and care for animals like Freddy, who suffer at the hands of inhumane people. You changed the world for Freddy. You and your compassion give me hope in humanity Bethany! Also, thank you Patrick for bearing witness in your comic strip through Guard Dog to the suffering of animals who are chained. You both have made a difference in this world and have helped relieve suffering for innocent animals! That is what life is all about.


When I was a groomer a customer came in with his black lab. He’d been neutured not long before and had put on a lot of weight. The man had neglected to take off his metal choke (which dogs shouldn’t wear anyway) and it had become imbedded in his skin because of all the weight he’d gained. We would not groom him and told the man to take him immediately to the vet. He was angry we would not groom the dog. Hopefully he did take him to a vet. And not surprisingly, they had named this dog “Satan” but he was the nicest dog ever. I still think about him all these years later. We never saw Satan after that.

Preston Huey

Oh, Bethany, there is a special place in Heaven for you. Freddy’s story is much like Brutus’ story. He has always had so much love to give even though he started his life in such a bad way. Thank you for sharing your love with Freddy (love the name by the way) You will be rewarded. ❤️❤️❤️

Andrea Bledsoe King

Thank you, Bethany, for giving Freddy the life and love he deserves. I am so sorry for your loss of Queeny and thankful that Freddy has helped you through the grief. I wish you all a very happy life together!


Thank you so very much! No animal should be treated like Freddy or Guard Dog. Everything deserves to be treated like who they are and never ever be left out alone and unloved!

Bullock Stephen A