This year, Small Business Saturday (always the first Saturday after Thanksgiving) will take place on November 26. A pleasant alternative to Black Friday, which often features big box retailers and crowded shopping centers, Small Business Saturday offers a chance to support and rally around the many small businesses that create the backbone of our economy and communities.

Here at MUTTS, we’re always passionate about celebrating small businesses, and our values play a central role in our decision-making when selecting new product vendors. Whether you’re a loyal, long-time MUTTS customer or a new visitor to the site, you’ll love our:

  • Dedication to animal and environmental advocacy. MUTTS creator Patrick McDonnell is a member of the board of directors for both The Humane Society of the United States and The Fund for Animals. Our team actively advocates for these (and many other) non-profit organizations through awareness efforts and charitable donations.
  • Inclusiveness. Our (mostly) remote team is small yet extremely close-knit, and made up of awesome people from various cultures and regions of the world.
  • Support for small businesses. We work with companies that give back to their communities and wear their values on their sleeves.

For example, the manufacturer of our Little Pink Sock cat toy is a small business that utilizes locally grown, all-natural catnip, and is composed of just a few local employees. Our cute pendant necklaces, too, are crafted by hand in the U.S. at a small business—which also happens to operate on 100% solar energy! And the MUTTS Abbey Road Jigsaw Puzzle, a recent addition to the store, was made by a small, woman-owned business using eco-friendly materials such as recycled fiber and soy-based printing inks.

Ever wonder about the origin of our many paper goods, such as our greeting cards, holiday cards, and wall or desk calendars? All of our printing needs—from gift packaging to the paper products themselves—are handled with care by a local business focused on using reforested materials. This company started with just a single location, but has been able to expand thanks to the support it has received in return for offering stellar, personable customer service.

Lastly, when designing and ordering new clothing, the MUTTS team works with businesses dedicated to social responsibility. For our Team MUTTS tee, we enlisted the help of an apparel company that uses only organic cotton and places the celebration of multicultural influences among its core values. In many cases, we also work with an apparel company that promotes a “dirt to shirt” approach, meaning that they grow their own cotton and leave a minimal carbon footprint by utilizing local processing and manufacturing. Even better, they use water-based dyes, which are significantly better for the environment than their synthetic counterparts.

On November 26, MUTTS will be joining millions of others around the country in celebrating Small Business Saturday. We encourage you to support retailers in your own community on that day, and we also invite you to return to the MUTTS Store to support the many small, dedicated vendors who help create our great products! To make things even better, we will be announcing a special, one-day discount for all who participate! (So stay tuned!)

In the meantime, thank you for your ongoing support and love for MUTTS. We’ll see you back here soon!

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