Did March enter like a lion? Get into the spirit of spring with a few of our favorite comic strips celebrating March holidays, a new season of growth (and shedding), and the love we share with our animal pals. Plus, FETCH 20% OFF these strips all month long! (Please note: This offer applies only to unsigned prints.)

Patrick’s Pick: “Shpring in My Shtep” |
Prepare for Shpring

Spring in My Shtep MUTTS Strip
Published on January 27, 2019


“C’est La Vie” | Go With the Flow

C'est La Vie MUTTS Comic Strip
Published on March 21, 2016


“You Go Girl” | Celebrate Women
Don’t forget International Women’s Day on March 8!

International Women's Day MUTTS Comic Strip
Published on March 8, 2018


“Little Green Sock” | Mix Things Up

Little Green Sock MUTTS Comic Strip
Published on March 17, 2013


“Dogs Are So Easy” | Shpread Love
One of our favorite picks for National Puppy Day on March 23!

Dogs Are Easy MUTTS Comic Strip
Published on April 1, 2018


Comments (3)

I just bought the Shtinky comic. My beloved Ruby who I lost after 17 years looked like Mooch. I sang her song, Ruby Dooby doo, you are my kitty. Ruby Dooby doo you’re my best kitty, Ruby dooby doo until the night is through. Ruby dooby doo I will always love you true. Gonna frame this together with my Ruby pic.

Gloria Nieto

a daily treat, especially since losing my own “Mooch” a real badass cat. I still live with his brother who, incidentally, has gone from being poor other cat to being loud and proud out of the shadows. Chico, however, will never be forgotten and has his own blue plaque in the garden.

Helen Fox

Life is better with Mutts in Switzerland, too!

Cinzia De Martin