Most of us can agree 2020 has taught us that the most significant things in life do not come from a store. If you are facing financial hardships, taking a break from online shopping, or simply want to enjoy a holiday with less “stuff,” what do you gift someone you love?

Nothing! That is, nothing money can buy.

As the time approaches, we ask that you and your loved ones join us in celebrating our 4th annual Gift of Nothing Day on (or around) December 15. For this celebration, you don’t need wrapping paper or glossy red bows — just an open heart that’s ready to share love and kindness, and create beautiful memories. Much like Mooch in Patrick’s The Gift of Nothing book (which inspired this holiday), we hope you will agree that simple gifts like quality time and friendship are enough to warm any heart.

We were moved recently when we were contacted by a teacher in Singapore, who shared with us how she intends to celebrate the Gift of Nothing with students at her school. Below is her message:

“My name is Stojana, and I am a teacher-librarian at the Canadian International School in Singapore. I am so excited as I type this email. As we are coming to that time of the year when we celebrate a holiday with our loved ones, we realize that being with friends and family has become more important and valued than ever.

“To celebrate the importance of friends, I thought of bringing the whole school together through a book. Our initiative will be called ‘One Book Connects Us All,’ and what better story than The Gift of Nothing. Each class will read the book in the first week of December. We also thought of an activity inspired by the story.

“Students will draw the names of their classmates and will then decorate a gift box. Inside the box, they will insert a personalized message for their classmate. All boxes will be arranged, and students will come with their class to find the box dedicated to them.”

Stojana’s books have arrived!

We are thrilled to hear the fantastic ideas that our readers worldwide have come up with to celebrate this year, and we encourage you at home to channel your creativity, too. Here are a few ideas for you and your family to try:

  • Have a virtual gathering. Don’t let not being physically there with your friends and family stop you from gifting your presence. Try using a telecommunication app to check in with your loved ones or even to share an entire virtual holiday feast. If you prefer, you can also give it a try via phone call. Either way, we’re sure they’ll be happy to hear from you.
  • Share family stories. It’s time to break out the family photo album. Stories keep families connected through generations. Set aside time to sit with younger family members to share special, funny, and loving memories of yourself or family members before you.
  • Cook something new. Like cherished traditions and dishes, new recipes have a knack for bringing people together, too. Have fun finally trying that recipe that has been marked in your cookbook for ages. Even if you fail, you will have succeeded in creating a fun new memory.

We hope this giving season brings a little extra magic for you and yours this year!

Want to share your ideas and memorable moments with others around the world? Use the hashtag #TheGiftOfNothingDay so we can keep up with your images and posts! We might even feature your activities on our blog or social accounts.

Be blessed and happy giving, everyone!

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