To celebrate 26 years of MUTTS, we’re asking readers to tell us what the strip means to them. We are appreciative of all the messages we’ve received, and we will continue to share your responses — so please comment below if you have memories or kind words. Thank you for the love!


“It does not matter the reason I turned my computer on, business or fun (Yesh!), the first thing that I do every day is go to my email to see what Mooch, Earl, and the rest of the MUTTS family are up to. They fill my heart with love, laughter, and caring. After all, ‘We are all just walking each other home.'” — Kathryn C.

Published October 14, 2018


“With all the craziness and turmoil going on, it’s just special to see MUTTS daily and get a smile and warm feeling that picks me up!” — Ed W.

Published January 21, 2019


“I have been reading MUTTS since its induction! There is nothing better than a wonderfully drawn comic strip that has the words to match. Since the beginning, MUTTS has been a ray of sunshine — so much love, positivity, and kindness. And now, with so much hate and fear and angst about the future, it is so good to know that people like Patrick exist …someone who spreads warmth and goodness and generosity through his daily strips. If more people thought like him and used their talents for good, we would be in a much better place.” — Michelle K.

Published November 6, 2019


“I had become disillusioned and disappointed in the comics since so many were snarky and featured mean-spirited humor. Then I found the gentle and uplifting humor of MUTTS and it’s brightened every day since. It matches my own peaceable kingdom of cat and dog friends. Mooch and Earl frequently give voice to what’s in my own days and heart. They and their friends make me laugh, smile, and cry. Thank you for bringing such goodness to life.” — Karin N.

Published November 3, 2019


“MUTTS helps me remember there are humane people in what sometimes feels like a heartless world.” — Wendy D.

Published July 11, 2020


“I’ve been reading the comic strips since learned to read. I loved comic strips with animals, like Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield. However, my favorite ever, ever, ever is MUTTS! I never miss a day. MUTTS truly shows a love and caring for animals that is unique to MUTTS!!! It reflects that we save our pets, and they save us. Thank you a million times over!!!” — Vivian A.

Published September 11, 2020


“Not only does MUTTS make me smile, it’s about everything that I’m passionate about regarding kindness to animals everywhere.” — Karen D.

Published November 17, 2017

Comments (18)

I love Mutts comics so much that when we rescued my little dog, I wanted to name him after Earl because he looked so much like him and wagged his tail so loving and excitedly like him. The thing was, he didn’t look like an Earl. While contemplating his name he did his super happy tail wag and that’s when his name came to me: Fwip! :)

We had him for almost 10 years and just lost him last month. (This month he would’ve turned 10.) There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t miss him, but when I get my daily Mutts strip, it’s like I get to see him again.

Thank you for that. :)


I start everyday with Mutts. The comic and quote make me laugh and reflect each day. Sharing Mutts became a way to connect with family. I post Mutts at my desk to remind people to love animals with all the respect and adoration they deserve.


Well, you know, I love MUTTS and at some point I did need a friend and my little dog was there for me. And then I lost her and MUTTS was there for me. MUTTS are my friends and I love them. So thank you Patrick McDonnell. You give me friends that are there for me. And it means a lot for me. Thank you.

Josee Lavigne

Mutts reminds me to keep things simple and to smile from the heart. I have loved this comic from the first day I read it.


“Shelter stories” are some of my favorites. They showcase some of the wonderful animals waiting to become part of someone’s family.

Kimberly A. Williams

Through the tougher passages of this crazy ride called Life on Earth, MUTTS is my daily reminder that a simple shift of perspective makes all the difference in my experience. Whether it’s the comfort of little pink socks, the gift of friendship or a good chuckle from a “bonk” on the head courtesy of an acorn of wisdom, I am always brought back to attitude of gratitude. Thank you for my daily uplift.


I have been keeping several of the Mutts comics over the years. I plan to put together a notebook of all my favourites. There are several on my refrigerator and they remind me each day to embrace the goodness in life. I have adopted them all in my little mental household and look forward to reading about their adventures every day. Doing so, makes me smile in the morning, and laugh of course, and I cannot think of a better way to start my day. Thank you for the effort you put into this wonderful comic strip.

Rosemary Chiaverini

My mom started reading MUTTS in the newspaper since it began, we’ve always loved cartoons. We went nuts for Mooch and Earl, but her secret favorites were Bip and Bop and mine was Crabby. When I left PA to go to graduate school in MO in 2000, she would mail me ALL the newspaper clippings with her comments in the margins like “look at his tail” or “crazy loon look”. Twenty years later, I have manila envelopes full of those original clippings she sent me. Most are yellow, some are mangled, one or two my cat threw up on, and some are taped back together; all of them have moved with me throughout my life and my career.

My mom passed in 2015. Now I print out the daily ones that tickle me and cut it out myself, and I put up the strips at work or send them to my friends. My all time favorite was one with mooch carrying a gigantic stick and whispering: “schpeak schoftly and carry a big stick”.

GREAT SCHTUFF! Thank you Patrick!

Michelle Santiago