Since 2020, staying at home has gone from a form of relaxation to a source of boredom for many. Luckily for MUTTS readers, we have Shnelly the House Cat ready to bestow wisdom on how we can make the most of this time inside.

Start Healthy Habits

Published October 14, 2020


Health has been a popular subject over the past year. If you’re still wary about public gyms, no worries — there are many ways to develop healthy habits on your own. While climbing the drapes like Shnelly isn’t recommended, here are some small but impactful health changes that are:

  1. Start drinking more water.
  2. Try at-home exercises. (YouTube has a great library of free exercise training methods.)
  3. Consider switching to a plant-based diet if you can, even for a day or two each week.
  4. Take your animal friend on more frequent walks.


Find a Hobby

Published October 13, 2020


Is there something you’ve been itching to try but never seemed to find the time? With many recreational fun spots temporarily closed, starting a new hobby can be an excellent cure for quarantine boredom. For Shnelly, there’s nothing better than building a fluffy sock pile or gazing out of her window. If you don’t have anything in mind, search YouTube or Pinterest for inspiration and tutorials to get started on your new hobby. Also, don’t forget MUTTS has coloring books and puzzles available to help keep you entertained.


Show Gratitude

Published October 16, 2020


One great thing about being at home is it gives us ample time to reflect on our blessings. Once you look around you may realize that there is plenty to be thankful for in your life. Shnelly, for example, is grateful for Mooch’s visits. You can be grateful for your family’s love, your animal friend’s cuddles, or your home itself. Whatever it is, consider writing it down and keeping it as a reminder on tough days.

Do you have any advice to share that has made life at home better? Let us know in the comments!

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