Social Distancing Activities for You and Pet

Fun Social Distancing Activities for You and Your Animal Companion

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This summer may be very different from what we (and our animal companions) are used to, but there are still ways to have tons of fun while social distancing from our two-legged acquaintances.

It is important that we all stay physically active and mentally stimulated, and although certain activities may be off-limits, now is a great time to get creative and bond with our animal friends like never before. Here are some tips to get started. Have fun!

Practice New Tricks

If you find yourself with more time on your paws than usual, now may be a perfect time to practice new tricks with your animal friend. It’ll be fun for you and your animal pal to pass the time while learning new skills. Remember to be patient and make sure to give them praise and positive reinforcement throughout the process. Below are a few suggestions. (Does your furry kid already have a special trick or talent? Let us know in the comments!)

  • Waving
  • Bowing
  • Rolling over
  • Shaking hands

Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t go outside. There are plenty of things you and your favorite animal pal can do while soaking up the sun and getting some fresh air.

  • Play catch or Frisbee.
  • Take an evening or afternoon walk or run.
  • Go for a swim.
  • Play tug-of war.

Get Creative With Indoor Activities

Rainy day? Too hot to play outside? It may not seem like it, but there are plenty of fun activities you and your animal friend can enjoy inside your home. Channel your creativity with these simple ideas.

  • Practice dog yoga. (Don’t have the “perfect” form or posture? No worries. It’s all about the experience.)
  • Perfect your animal photography with a camera or phone.
  • Play hide and seek!
  • Create safe, D.I.Y toys for your furry friends.

This summer’s fun is not canceled. Once you look at things through a creative lens, you’ll notice that there are many opportunities for you and your animal friend to enjoy each other’s company while practicing social distancing. Some of these ideas may even become lasting, favorite hobbies between you two for a long time to come.

Can you think of other creative social distancing ideas for animal lovers? Let us know below!

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7 thoughts on “Fun Social Distancing Activities for You and Your Animal Companion

  1. With a “soft” toy, play fetch and retrieve with your dog indoors. Especially good for smaller and older dogs. When the dog retrieves the toy, give them a small treat (piece of their kibble) and encourage them to retrieve again.

  2. My dog Trixie loves playing with her flirt pole which is like a cat toy for dogs. When I work out I intersperse flirt pole play and she loves it! She also has a snuffle mat which is a great way to make treats last longer

  3. Agility in the backyard

  4. These activities are great, but I have a cat. Doesn’t fetch, doesn’t roll over. Plays with a wiggly-worm wand toy, but we do that every day anyway. Not much has changed.

  5. I wish Mutts would make some face masks to wear during the Corona virus crisis. I think they would be a big seller.

  6. Enroll in an online dog training class like Susan Garrett’s game based Recallers. Perfect way to have fun and learn together!

  7. Right now we are enjoying after breakfast sleep in. Next she goes into her cat tent outside and she watches me feed all the creatures their breakfast (birds, 3 different squirrels, chipmunk and bunny). Later there is treat time and after dinner Cuddle time.
    Then we play feather before going to bed. She tells us what she wants to do!

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