Meet the Cast


Mooch Mooch

This tuxedo kitty is Earl's best pal. He has his own way of talking ("Yesh!) and loves his Little Pink Sock. 


Earl Earl

Based on Patrick's own dog, the small mutt with a big heart cheerfully tugs at the leash on the walk of life.

Shtinky Puddin

Shtinky Puddin Shtinky Puddin

The orphan kitty and dedicated animal advocate. Gives great hugs, and wants to teach the world to purr.

Guard Dog

Guard Dog Guard Dog

The tough, tethered dog with a soft heart, Guard Dog's mission is to remind humans that it's wrong to chain a dog. 


Woofie Woofie

The big, happy, energetic dog with lots of wuv (and sloppy kisses) to give.


Crabby Crabby

The world's crabbiest crustacean. Enjoys using salty ("@#$%!") language.


Sourpuss Sourpuss

The cat who stays under the couch and avoids Mondays. 


Ozzie Ozzie

The beloved guardian of Earl: "He's the guy who feeds me, gives me treats, rubs my belly, and takes me for rides — my Ozzie."


Millie Millie

The doting guardian of Mooch, and married to Frank.


Frank Frank

The cantankerous caretaker of "the cat," and married to Millie. 


Doozy Doozy

The chipper and youthful friend to all animals, especially Guard Dog.


Butchie Butchie

The pugnacious proprietor of Fatty Snax Deli, Earl and Mooch's favorite hangout. 


Sid Sid

The bowl-bound goldfish living with Frank and Millie. 

Chickpea and Chickpeas Brother

Chickpea and Chickpeas Brother Chickpea and Chickpeas Brother

The lovable adopted duo made their debut in a Shelter Stories series.

Bip and Bop

Bip and Bop Bip and Bop

The two nutty squirrels, Bip and Bop, are pure mayhem — especially when they're helping unaware passersby achieve enlightenment via the BONK! 

The Shphinx

The Shphinx The Shphinx

The prophesying wonder of the world, or Mooch with a kitchen towel on his head. You decide. 


Noodles Noodles

The street-smart feral alley cat with a heart of gold, and Shtinky Puddin's mentor. 


Shnelly Shnelly

The demure housecat, and object of Mooch's affection, known only by her ears. 

Chippy and Monk

Chippy and Monk Chippy and Monk

Two spunky, sarcastic members of the MUTTS book club. 

Mussels Marinara

Mussels Marinara Mussels Marinara

The wise-cracking, all-muscle shellfish who is a friend of Crabby's. 

The Birds

The Birds The Birds

The tweeting flock of backyard friends (including Philippe!) who migrate south every autumn. 

Little Earl

Little Earl Little Earl

The sluggish pet companion of Mooch, with a mind of his own. Known as "Speed-o" to his fellow mollusks.