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2021 Ultimate Animal Holiday List

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Holidays are typically joyous occasions that keep us intentional and bring awareness to important communities and causes. This year, to help you plan ahead or stay on track in celebrating ALL creatures around the world, we’ve created a list of animal-related holidays. Enjoy!

January 2021 Animal Holidays

January is National Train Your Dog Month

Jan. 5 – National Bird Day

Jan. 14 – Dress Up Your Pet Day

Jan. 20 – Penguin Awareness Day

Jan. 21 – Squirrel Appreciation Day

Jan. 24 – Change a Pet’s Life Day

February 2021 Animal Holidays

February is National Bird Feeding Month

Feb. 3 – Feed the Birds Day

Feb. 20 – Love Your Pet Day

Feb. 22 – Walking the Dog Day

Feb. 25 – World Spay Day

Feb. 27 – Polar Bear Day

March 2021 Animal Holidays

March is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month

Mar. 1 – National Pig Day

Mar. 3 – If Pets Had Thumbs Day

Mar. 15 – Buzzards Day

Mar. 16 – Giant Panda Day

Mar. 23 – National Puppy Day

April 2021 Animal Holidays

April is Canine Fitness Month

Apr. 4 – World Rat Day

Apr. 7 – International Beaver Day

Apr. 8 – Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

Apr. 10 – National Farm Animals Day

Apr. 11 – National Pet Day

Apr. 14 – National Dolphin Day

Apr. 16 – Save the Elephants Day

Apr. 17 – Bat Appreciation Day

Apr. 25 – World Penguin Day

Apr. 30 – Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

May 2021 Animal Holidays

May is National Pet Month

May 1 – Save the Rhino Day

May 4 – Bird Day

May 8 – National Dog Moms Day

May 9 – International Migratory Bird Day

May 14 – Dance Like a Chicken Day

May 20 – National Rescue Dog Day

May 21 – National Endangered Species Day

May 23 – World Turtle Day

May 26 – World Otter Day

June 2021 Animal Holidays

June is Adopt A Cat Month

June 4 – Hug Your Cat Day

June 14 – Monkey Around Day

June 20 – National Bald Eagle Day

June 21 – Take Your Cat to Work Day®

June 25 – Take Your Dog to Work Day®

July 2021 Animal Holidays

July is National Pet Hydration Awareness Month

Dog Days of Summer: July 3 – August 11

July 15 – Cow Appreciation Day

July 16: World Snake Day

July 29 – International Tiger Day

July 31 – National Mutt Day (summer)

August 2021 Animal Holidays

Aug. 5 – Work Like a Dog Day

Aug. 8 – International Cat Day

Aug. 10 – Spoil Your Dog Day

Aug. 12 – World Elephant Day

Aug. 26 – National Dog Day

Aug. 29 – International Bat Night

September 2021 Animal Holidays

September is Happy Cat Month

Sept. 19–25: National Deaf Dog Awareness Week

Sept. 12 – National Pet Memorial Day

Sept. 17 – National Pet Bird Day

Sept.22 – Elephant Appreciation Day

Sept. 25 – International Rabbit Day

October 2021 Animal Holidays

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Oct. 1 – National Black Dog Day

Oct. 2 – World Farm Animals Day

Oct. 16 – National Feral Cat Day

Oct. 21 – National Pets for Veterans Day

Oct. 29 – National Cat Day

Oct. 27 – Black Cat Day

November 2021 Animal Holidays

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Nov. 1–7 – National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

Nov. 1 – National Cook for Your Pets Day

December 2021 Animal Holidays

December is National Cat Lovers’ Month

Dec. 2 – National Mutt Day (winter)

Dec. 14 – International Monkey Day

Tag and share your photos with us if and when you choose to celebrate these unique holidays throughout the year!

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