MUTTS Digital Wallpaper of the Month: August 2021 | MUTTS

MUTTS Digital Wallpaper of the Month: August 2021

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Download the Desktop Wallpaper

Desktop digital wallpaper featuring Crabby riding a wave


Download the Mobile Wallpaper

Mobile digital wallpaper featuring Crabby catching a tall wave


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One thought on “MUTTS Digital Wallpaper of the Month: August 2021

  1. Already get your strip daily….a necessity for me!….and now have downloaded the August Wallpaper….and told me daughter about it. She is the one that got me enjoying MUTTS daily…..your creativity and family of characters is daily amazing and endearing and so accurate in portraying how it is really with our pets and how we must remain connected and aware of their presence adding joy, meaning we must take care of them so consistently.

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