Happy National Dog Day! To celebrate this very special occasion, we’re giving our canine pals a few extra hugs and belly rubs today, and encouraging our dog-loving friends to do the same!

We’ve also gathered up a few beloved MUTTS strips that remind us why dogs often make the best companions:
1. They’re our most dedicated guardians.


2. They say “Thank You!” with kisses. 


3. They’re always willing to lend an extra paw. 


4. They don’t overcomplicate things. 


5. They’re our biggest fans (and our most loyal teammates). 


6. They know how to bring out our inner puppies. 


7. They’re always eager to greet us after a long day at work. 


8. They notice (and appreciate) the little things. 


9. Their presence gives each day purpose. 


10. They stick by our sides during the toughest of times. 


Don’t have a dog with whom you can exchange furry cuddles? Perhaps you’d like to adopt one! If so, simply visit Petfinder to browse thousands of adorable, adoptable animals who are wishing to find their forever homes!

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