As we embark upon autumn and greet the cool, crisp months ahead, we're looking back on your favorite comic strips of the summer. Take a look and enjoy these top picks from readers just like you!


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Comments (5)

My daughter has a pug named Reggie and so many of your cartoons remind me of Reg.
I love having Earl, Mooch and the gang to read every morning!’
Thank you for starting my day off with a smile!

Renee Cigich

Mitts is my daily fix, my morning begins with coffee and Mitts, not necessarily in that order. And Karen, the Washington Post publishes Mutts online in color every day, not just on Sunday!

Elaine Caldwell

Is “It never gets old” available in full color? I am doing well in my new life but I will forever be heartbroken that we had to leave our beloved summer home of 4 generations on the barrier island in NJ. This image makes me tear up even as it fills my heart with the warmth of memories of decades spent on this beach. Thank you.

Karen La Du

I have always thought that one test of a good comic is whether upon a second (or third or fourth) viewing it will still elicit a smile and an acknowledgement. Mutts rarely fails the test! Thank you!

Tom Blankley

This is wonderful!!! I love your comic strips. Thank you for what you do. And thanks to Earl and Mooch!!!