In the wake of Hurricanes Ian and Fiona, rising costs of care, and greater community needs, our animal rescue friends need more support than ever. That’s why we’re teaming up with St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center and the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) to stock the shelters! 

In 2019, the HRA in Washington, D.C. and St. Hubert’s in northern New Jersey joined forces to create the very first multi-state animal welfare organization in the country. Since then, they’ve become known as pioneers in companion animal rescue, forming partnerships with shelters nationwide!

The pair work to support pets (and their people) across the country by organizing extensive outreach programs, transporting pets from overcrowded shelters for adoption, hosting spay/neuter and vaccination clinics, providing support for pet guardians who may be struggling, and bringing much-needed supplies to pet care deserts (areas that lack access to pet stores and veterinary clinics). Most recently, they transported adoptable pets from shelters in Florida and Puerto Rico to clear critical space for the influx of pets who became displaced because of Hurricanes Ian and Fiona. Incredible.

How You Can Help

Beginning today through October 21st, we’re enabling a pop-up on our website checkout page that will ask you whether you’d like to join us in stocking the shelters. Choose from these options, and we’ll cover the rest of the cost to get these supplies into the hands of those who need them most! 
    • $5 supplies an adorable adjustable collar
    • $10 supplies a sturdy 70-inch leash   
    • $15 supplies a cozy cat tent
    • $30 supplies a comfy new pet bed

Stock the Shelters Items

With So Much Amazing Work, How Do They Choose Where Supplies Go? 

We want these supplies to be able to do the MOST good that they can. The St. Hubert’s and HRA team will identify the best places for each of these items to go once we know how many goodies there will be to go around! But rest assured, they’ll be doing good in these ways: 

Shelter Supplies & Adoption Kits
Whether it’s outfitting pets pulled from the path of a hurricane with a new collar and leash or providing a bed or tent to a new adoptive pet parent when they take their furbaby home, all of the goodies will come in handy at each rescue! 

Community Outreach Programs
We love gifting our pets a little something during the holiday season! But for pet parents who may be struggling financially, it can become difficult to do so. Through HRA and St. Hubert’s many outreach programs, they’ll connect pet parents in need with supplies or giftable goodies for their furry family members to make the season extra shpecial. 

Buddy’s Boutique
Buddy’s Boutique is St. Hubert’s pet supply store and gift shop where 100% of their proceeds fund the organization’s lifesaving pet rescue, transport, and community outreach efforts! 

No matter the route they take, each of these items is destined to reach the paws of a very deserving pet and will help support animal welfare projects across the nation. YESH! 

Are you ready to help us stock the shelters? Head to the Shop and keep an eye out for the Stock the Shelters pop-up at checkout! 

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