Something a little different — for this month we created a video for the newsletter.

I had just received the preliminary, unbound version of my MUTTS anniversary book The Art of Nothing — scheduled for release on October 15 — and the MUTTS team thought is would be fun to give you a sneak peek.

I’m looking forward to sharing the book with you this fall. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it.

Thanks for watching.

And, speaking of books, I can highly recommend Greta Thunberg’s No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference. She is an inspiration and has a message we all need to hear.


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How gorgeous…looking forward to it. Patrick is the great comic strip artist (guru, and more) of our time. Thanks for “Nothing!”


I was going to ask for it for Christmas, but I won’t be able to wait that long. Thanks for sharing


Wow! I can’t wait! The video was a wonderful little gift – to see Patrick, hear his voice and get the special sneak peek with Patrick as the guide was extra special, with a cherry on top. I hope more videos will occassionally make their way to my favorite newsletter. One that I read every last word of and enjoy every picture.


Love Mutts! and I’m looking forward to the new book

Ellen Kennedy

The book IS beautiful and so is your art.


Looking forward to October 15th!

Amy Pyle

Cool beans!


Beautiful! Thank you for the preview of this beautiful book❤️


Looks pawesome! Another job well done. :-)


I absolutely cannot wait… October… this looks like a wonderful addition to my happy Mutts library!
Thank you Patrick for all the soulful, simple happiness that Mutts brings to so many people worldwide!

Valerie Jenkins